No Smoking Day

Hey check me out! Um I mean my progress lol

Hey all,

I am now on day 14!! yes me!! cant believe it!:D

Last two days I felt fab didnt really crave, but today!! Christ I really wants one! Ciggy that is :rolleyes:

That old nic saying go on you have done well, just one wont hurt! Needless to say have spent most of today with my fingers in my ears, shouting 'lalalalala' so I dont have to listen! lol.

Not happy as I have put on 3 pound in 14 days!!!! I havent eaten anymore than normal (thats a huge battle in itself! lol). Oh well, thats life!

Oh well, one day at a time!

Hope your all ok! Stay strong and take care xxxx

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Well Done. One Day At A Time Is The Only Way. Your A Star. As For The Extra Pounds, Well Christmas Is Coming And We All Indulge In Extra Goodies And Gain A Bit Anyway. Lets Win This War Then We Can Win The Weight War Ha ! Stay Strong X


Oh, Isnt It Quiet Without Boudee, Buffy N Barney ? Been No Fun To Read Or Joke Around Today. Sob Sob !


dossy do Are you feeling a bit better today. You were cheesed off yesterday.:)


Oh, Loads Thanks. Duno What Was Wrong With Me Yesterday But Brand New Today He He !


Go you! Isn't it an amazing feeling?

Don't stress about the weight. Rather that than all the cr*p smoking brings!


Thank you all, as always!!

Will try not to stress about weight, but it is hard!

Take care all xxxx


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