No Smoking Day

day 13 of no smoking!

Hi, I'm new to this page, I decided to stop smoking a few months ago, I cut down, which I know they say doesn't work for most but it did for me, and my last smoke was on october 13th. This is the longest I have ever quit. this time is different I 'want' to this time. Other times I did it on a whim and I wasn't ready. I was starting to feel really good, within 3 days I could breath better, stopped wheezing, no coughing, but suddenly yesterday I started to wheeze from time to time, after coming up steps etc. This upsets me, is this common? I have poured thru books, and online info. sorry this is so long but I really wanted to explain the situation. I am SOOOOO happy I have quit!! :D

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Hi Lee and welcome,

I have mild asthma and that is one of the reasons that I gave up, I did find the same thing though, I was better for the first two weeks or so and now I am a bit more wheezy. It is strange but I am sure it still must be better for us not to smoke. Maybe it is something to do with our lungs clearing, I haven't had a cough or anything this time, I am on day 83 of quitting.

Good luck you are doing really well.

Befly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



Hi Lee - welcome to the forum and a huge well done on reaching day 13.

You say you 'want' to quit and thats a big step forward in helping you to help yourself (if you get me?!!)

I've stopped for 3 months and my morning cough did disappear at first, but now its back?!! So strange, i can only imagine its my lungs repairing myself or i'm getting over a cold.

Either way, my body is 100% better for not putting poison in it anymore!!



Lee... welcome and be proud 13 days is hard.

I have also tried many times. I am on 16 days now.

Hope to stay with it this time.:D

The wheezing could just be part of your lungs clearing themselves... but if it persists see a doctor



Thanks for the responses, wow it sure is nice getting feedback like that, from people who really know what I'm talking about :) I have heard that even though our bodies do start immediately repairing all the damage that was done, it doesn't happen overnight. Food isn't tasting better or stronger, but when someone comes in from a smoke break at work I really think "wow did I smell like that?" surely not! haha. It's cold and rainy here and I sure am glad I'm not trying to smoke and shiver at the same time. Thanks again for the feedback, I feel better already!!


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