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Things I can now do without having a smoke

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

This week I've achieved several massive milestones. Last week I covered the basics, like driving to work, finishing meals, putting out the rubbish, wondering what the time was, blinking...this is more advanced stuff ;)

1 Going out with my mum

2 Sitting on hold to various utilities while doing a financial spring-clean.

3 Chatting to the drainpipe-man while he had a fag. (He was cleaning drainpipes, not wearing them)

4 Going to the pub for lunch

5 I'm sure there are more.

PS I'm sorry if my sometimes quite flippant posts make people irritated. I've realised humour is my best weapon in this particular battle. Killing the nicodemon one giggle at a time. Join me, friends :D

One more day to get through, then I move rooms woohoo! Thanks for being here everyone.

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Over the course of the first year it's amazing how many trigger points you come across that you'd never thought about IW. Every time you beat them they become less important the next time.

Going for a pub lunch is a biggy as it includes food, alcohol? and socialising.

Don't worry about using humour, you'll find you're giving everyone a welcome respite from the stresses of their individual quit :)

Into Week 3 very soon, you're beginning to move down the board to the Penthouse and away from smoking nicely. :)

Pub lunch is deffo a biggie:eek:

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Lots of little victories which all add up to a big win!

You'll find that much of quitting is about re-learning how to tackle all the normal everyday things without a fag in hand and as time goes on what was initially alien becomes the new normal.

I've been using a propane burner outside today and on a couple of occasions a squally wind blew it out so I had to re-light it (its part of the equipment I use when brewing beer) it occurred to me that it felt odd to be wondering around with a lighter in my pocket, when at one time it would have felt odd to be without one! So I can carry a lighter without smoking :)

Keep on keeping on, you are doing great :)

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

Aw thanks everyone :) I'm just really enjoying being in control of this - can't believe I didn't take charge years ago.

Nic - you must be, like, the daddy of quitters here, (not that I'm saying you look ancient, just I think yours is the longest-ago Join Date I've seen. ;) ) Six years...what's that like? Do you think it's safe for me to buy a lighter, coz I chucked all mine out at the beginning of my quit, and I'm really missing my scented candles...

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

Oooh and I've just remembered number 5! I did a whole day (minus cheeky pub lunch) studying without any fag breaks! Last week's day off work was a nightmare - this week it was a breeze :D

Hi Incy, well done, it's good that you are noticing these things. Most of them are actually more enjoyable without having to smoke - pub lunch for example. I went out for a work meal recently and a couple of the people there went for a smoke after every course! In the rain! Did not miss it at all. It's amazing how much more free time you have too, I don't think we considered time wasted smoking, or thinking about smoking. :)

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

Hi nicky :) Wow look at you, approaching a year! I love all of you longer-term quitters me, you give me masses of faith that I can do this.

Smoking didn't even cross my mind at the pub - probably more down to the fact that it wasn't my local, in fact it was a pub I haven't been to since I was a wee youngling, so the place itself had no association with smoking. But still, a meal out's a meal out, and I'm chuffed to have passed the test :)

Amazing the discomfort we used to put ourselves through, just to smoke, isn't it?

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Its probably safe to buy a lighter so long as you don't buy cigs at the same time. As for being 6 years quit well its just "normal" now.

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free in reply to NicFirth

Awesome, I'm getting really good at not buying tobacco when I go in shops now :)

Nic, so sorry, I realised after I'd posted what a stupid question that this space for more ridiculous questions like 'hey, being a bloke...what's that like then?' ;)

I absolutely love going to the cinema, I now don't have to chuff 2 fags before we go in and I'm not racing out to have one when the film has finished either.... Pure bliss! Oh and my car smells of clean linen thanks to my friends at yankee candle as opposed to stale smoke xx

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free in reply to nsd_user663_2681

I LOVE the smell of my car now too! I even hoovered it and cleaned it and everything last week. First time ever!

But wait, you light candles in your car?!


Incy_Wincy, Humour?!

What was that now?....You're top class!

I'm a bit on the dark side at the moment, but I'll catch up with you soon!

You don't watch TV, you gallop on your imaginary horse when nobody is looking....and now you want to light up scented candles on your car?!

OMG!!! better than that only Karri saying that stop smoking is like the menopause! ahahah

Thanks for making me laugh :)

It's great to read the lighter side in all this. Your first post above brought a smile. please keep on being 'flippant' :D

Lol!!! I love your posts Incy...dont change!! Wish I had more time to post and comment but between work and sleep I struggle (how did I ever find time to smoke so much???) reading your stuff when I have a quick 2sec peek cheers me up and gives me something to aim for!! Xx

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

Woohoo , thanks everyone. I've been thinking about this, and the reason I was worried about irritating people is because I live with a teenager. She has noticed my extra-upbeatness and finds it a bit annoying. Or possibly embarrassing. Who knew, Mr Carr was right, it IS possible to be a happy non-smoker right from the start!

Also, I'm on DAY 13!! Amazed and thrilled :D :D :D

Hidden in reply to Incy_Wincy

Daaaahhhhhhh! Teenagers find everything annoying and Embarrasing! "Owh Mum, stop it!...ow embarrassing LOL"

Whatever gets you going, like I said before, whats the point of being sad all the time? There is no point in crying might as well have a laugh!

NB: ...and in particular to you my dear, after all you are going through in your life (not talking abt the fags), all I can say is: do keep annoying us please, do not stop doing it.

I take my hat to you and bow in front of you, because I would never be able to do what you are doing if I were in your shoes.

Massive well done and great to have you.

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free in reply to Incy_Wincy

Oh mmaya, thanks so so much. That has really touched me.

I will say this, my dad's last few weeks (there were only just four weeks between diagnosis and The End) showed me just how full of humour he was. He led the way for us to all laugh together at the most inappropriate of things, and it was amazing and humbling to watch him do this. (Dad, I'd like to think you're reading this over my shoulder, checking my spelling etc. Love you)

So, in his honour, I will continue to laugh as much and as often as I can. And if I can make some of you laugh too, that's awesome :)

You do cheer me up lass!!!! Big hugs and thank you for that! 2wks tomorrow!!!!! Wow! Xx

This is for the advanced only, facing a mountain of socks and pairing them up. Not to be attempted without training on finding the missing shoe.

Hi Incy

Think you are fab! And doin great x x 😘

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

I just found all these page 2 sneakies! Ta everyone :)

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