No Smoking Day
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My Reasons

Im Tired of being around non smokers who don't care and just come bluntly out and say "You stink!"

im self-conscious, so obviously after a smoke i make sure i carry perfume and spray, and then have gum or go to the washroom and rinse my mouth out.

thats a big reason for wanting to quit. so i don't smell and people don't tell me i do.

another reason is because im tired of basing my life around smoking.

if i go to church and the sermon is too long, sometimes i get a craving and since i am respectful and wait till i get home, i crave and just can't wait to get home.

then i smoke.

also , about 6 years ago i thought i had asthma and took a test and they told me it was smoke related, and if i didn't quit in about 20 years or so id have broncitis.

and my mom died november 10th 2005. from cancer and smoking.

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