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This quit has to be final - day 3

Happy to be on my third day and appreciating the fact that I have not been poisoning myself physically and mentally during that time. For the most part I gave myself a hard time for smoking. I had been doing it a long time and it was getting worse and worse each year. As I hated it more I smoked more. As I worried more I smoked more.

Anyway, I have noticed a few early benefits and wanted to list these as I go through the quit process.


1. The skin on the back of my hands are already in so much better condition. The skin is very soft rather than the usual leather texture from constantly smoking in the car with the window down and the sharp cool air ripping at my hardened skin. Sometimes I have little cuts at my knuckles. Today my skin feels lovely.

2. At different times I have noticed smells I usually wouldn't. Such as the smell of conditioner on my running top as I was running. Nice.

3. Delighted to not be out the back door humiliating myself smoking in the rain as the neighbours see me from their kitchen window. I hated that.

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Hi Tomso

Hopefully you will very quickly start to see more benefits to quitting. Yes there will be tough days (talking from the last time I tried to quit, not this one) but soon the good will completely outweigh the bad. I'm looking forward to that moment myself but am fully prepared to keep the guard up for as long as I need to. At the moment I am still taking it hour by hour and have made it to day 6 so I'm happy with that.

Hope you continue to notice the little things.


Day 3 - Saturday night- in bed before 10pm.


It's worth it tomso!

I'm loving your list of benefits - and can definitely recommend keeping it up, I found it so useful having lists like that I could refer to :)

Sleep tight x


I stopped because i was feeling breathless and checked my peak flow, it was 150. Ideally should be 500! Checked it again after 3 weeks without a cigarette and its 350! What a massive improvement! Thats my driving force atthe moment! Keep it up tomso :p


I think the benefits I've noticed most are breathing easier, taste and smell. Keep up the good work


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