A Good Day (Day 9)

Wow, so far (knocking on wood) today has been a good day. No "horrible" urges, just the normal barable ones. So this is the ninth day since I quit smoking and I still very much miss it, but I am ok (just ok) with the struggle to quit smoking. My husband said he will join me soon, which is going to be nice to watch him squirm. A part of me thinks he won't suffer nearly enough since I won't be smoking around him as he did me.

Anyway, blah blah. Nothing exciting, but nothing bad today. I just felt I should come in here and tell everyone hi, and tell anyone else who is struggling, trust me, I KNOW. My moods and urges come and go, so I know first hand how hard this is, but guess what, good days will come.

2 Replies

  • Well done Becca. Your attitude will see you go far!!!!http://img99.exs.cx/img99/8577/yupi3ti.gif

  • Well done becca x x x x

    And it is so inspirational when people come on here to say about the better days x x

    It isn't all about the struggle x x

    ~Buffy x x

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