No Smoking Day
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day 6

can't believe i'm on day 6.:D

it's not been as bad as i thought it would be doing cold turkey, in fact i think its better this way , i have tried patches ,zyban ,gum. in the past but the cravings always got top side of cravings have been alot better doing cold turkey.

the only thing bothering me at the moment is that i will put weight on.

i only have to look at sweet or bickie and the hips get bigger.

so yesterdy i joined a gym, i went on a cross trainer and treadmill and i DIDNT GET OUT OF BREATHE:p .

so i though right lynette you have stopped smoking ,you can have chocolate if you want it . i will just work harder at the gym.

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Well Done day 6:) You may put on a bit of weight but you are going to the gym so i am sure that will help.


Grats Lyn :D

I joined the gym too, It also gives me some 'me time' and I enjoy the steam room afterwards :D

My skin has improved loads !!

Stick with it your doing fantastic x x x x

~Buffy xx


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