No Smoking Day

Holiday quitter


Just thought I would share my idea with you.

Stop smoking the day you go on holiday, sounds crazy but being with daughter 24/7 total anti smoker seemed to work.

Also not buying duty free cigarettes even thro they worked out at £13 for 400, must mean I am really serious, can you imagine paying £5 a pack now.

Stopped Sunday 7th at Manchester airport 7am.

9 days and counting.


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It is a good idea. I actually stopped smoking pot the day before i went on holiday and never looked back.

I stopped smoking cigs when i ran out of duty frees - paying full price was enough incentive for me cos i'm tight!!!:D :D


Congrats Rosie!

Being around non smokers definately helps. Especially ones that are very opinionated about the whole thing. How much $ is that translated in American $. Cigs are really expensive here. I was paying $5.40 a pack for generics. Name brands will run you &6.50 - 7.00 or more. Another great reason to give em up!

I am on day 15! :)

Not smoked for: 0Y 2W 0D 2H 31M not smoked: 141 Cigarettes. Saving me £ 38.08. I will now live longer by: 0Y 0W 0D 11H 17M. I Quit on the:. Monday, October 01, 2007 6:00:26 AM. Download This Quitmeter free from


US prices

Hi again

£5 translates to around $10 a pack, I think the UK is the dearest places on earth, good thing for us quitters.

£13 for 400 works out at 65p or $1.30 a pack which is the cheapest I have ever seen them in my life, it was in Dubai and I think 90% of the population smoke there.





Thats insane! In New Jersey (USA) we pay alot more than other states thanks to our wonderful govenor. Most of the price per pack is tax! (more than 50%) If you go south they are alot cheaper. I am so glad i quit!!!


Don't get me started

Hi Overtheedge

I think we are taxed over 90% here on cigarettes, also on petrol. Nothing here is cheap, except health care which is free, except if you are a smoker then they won't treat you and after all the taxes smokers pay!!!!!!!!!!!!!


thats a really good idea, my problem was i seemed to smoke more on my holidays, think it was mainly the sitting around doing nothing thing, that's why next year i am planning a few trips etc to keep me occupied with the money i'm saving! Also should be good as my dad, who is like your daughter, is a non smoker with very bad asthma! Always felt guilty lighting up near him.

Excellent idea! :D


Welcome and congratulations Rosie - God bless the non-smokers for being so inspiring sometimes :D

I quit while on vacation too, because I was so relaxed and feeling so good, I felt ready to embrace a new healthier and happier life - quitting smoking was the only logical thing to do :D Carpe diem!!!


Theres my family motto again :D

'Seize the day'

Tis a great thing to hold onto x x

Welcome on board Rosie x x x x

$'s n £'s sure we do pay a lot more for cigs here,

but wherever we are or whoever we are the price tag on our health is priceless!

Stay strong and keep up your positive attitude!

~Buffy x x


hey Rosie,Now you've quit you can buy designer perfume cheap in the Duty Free instead of Stinky Smokes!:D



Hi Guys

Thanks for the great welcome and good luck to everyone.



Hi Rosie and Welcome!!! Good job on your quit - you are doing super.

I am from Canada and I was paying $10.20 for a pack of 25 ciggies. Totally outrageous and the goverment is nuts making us pay that amount but yet banning the whole smoking thing EVERYWHERE!!! Choose to make the ciggies illegal then - geesh :confused: Anyway - I don't care anymore cause I am a non-smoker :D

Yay to us all on this forum we are super stars.


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