No Smoking Day
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This is a first !!!!

Hi guys

Last time I quit I only made it to 12 days - and the last 4 of those days were spent climbing the walls and feeling really really really ill. (I learned later from the doc that this was an adverse reaction to the zyban I was taking.) I wont

go into details but suffice to say I was too scared to quit again for a few weeks.

Then my nurse suggested champix. I was rather sceptical at first, didn,t think it would do anything except make me feel nauseous. But as I desperately wanted to be free of this habit I felt I had to at least try!

Well Guys I have never felt this calm about quitting EVER.(and I've done the lot -patches,gum.hypnotherapy.cold turkey,lozenges,zybanetc) I readily admit I don't have the strongest willpower in the world but I've found with Champix although you need some willpower (its not a miracle pill)You don't needs as much as with patches ,say,or lozengers.

For me ,personally,I found the worst part of any of my previous quits (and what led me to cave in) was the insomnia and the blocked up nose when I tried to go to bed. I have to get up at 6am each am to sort my daughter out for school an if I wasn't getting to sleep until 4am - well you do the math!!

Yes I still wake up at night with a blocked nose BUT I can now go straight back to sleep and I know this night cough isn't going to last forever.

The champix really HAS taken the edge off the withdawl sympoms and cravings!

(No I am not advertising champix)

The point I am trying to make is that the old addage"If at first you don't succeed.......................

is so TRUE when it comes to quitting. After 25yrs(the last 15 hating cigs) I've finally found the right thing for me. If any of you end up smoking again try a different tack. There IS a method out there that will suit YOU I'm sure.

Keep searching and you will eventually find it

Sorry this post is a bit long. Karen x

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well done you are doing very well.

keep up the good work, you should be so proud of yourself:D



Nail on the head Karen, thank you for being so thoughtful as to share your experiences and giving other people the strength to keep trying again x x

There is a way and a time for everyone to quit and you have showed the strength and stubbornness to do it!! Well done Karen thanks for an inspirational post x x x x

*Morning Boudee* x x

~Buffy x x


Thanks Karen. I am actually seeing the nurse tomorrow so will give it some thought overnight. Your post is really inspirational, and lets people like me know there is hope. YEAHHHHHH!!!!!

Will let you know how I get on. Lou xxx


Hi Looby

I'm so pleased that you realise there is a way for EVERYONE. We've just gotta keep on trying until we find the way that suits us personally. As my grannie used to say "different strokes for different folks". The important bit Looby ,is that you never give up trying. I tried for years as I said so please keep trying!

Onwards and upwards!

Karen x


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