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Tomorrow is my day - Scared

Hello everyone,

So i have been planning my big quit for a while now - Scared!!! I have done it before - and i even used this site. Then i started again, and again and i was always to embarrased to admit it to everyone so i didnt come back.

Smoking rules my whole life - and its so rubbish because i hate it so much. It actually makes me feel sick now! I was sick twice yesterday because im smoking to much out of boredom! Yuck!! Not to mention the shortness of breath, not being able to climb the stairs at the train station because i feel my lungs are litrally screaming!!! Im 25 - i should be healthier than this!

So now i have my plans - My boyfriend still smokes which isnt great, and he really dosent think i can do it. So im once again determined!

Im going to us the patches, and i know from my longer quits im going to get huge breakouts of spots and the mouth ulsers will be awfull, but they only last two weeks!

I have made a bunch of plans with friends after work, Shopping, or the gym or swimming so i can keep busy and not think about it too much!

Wish me luck - I will be here everyday reading everyones info and keeping myself Motivated.... Good luck everyone who is in the same boat. Thanks for listening!

Love, Laura x

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hey laura

congrats on your decision

i know its scary i was before i quit but its not as bad as u imagine it to be

u sound very well prepared my partner to didnt have much faith in me we quit together and i think deep down he thought it wont be for long and here we are 8 months down the line

i know wat u mean smoking rules your life mine to i realised after quitting it ruled me even more than i thought the freedom i feel now is an amazing feeling

well done and good luck


Good luck to you, I look forward to your posts :)

Can I ask, you say you've quit before, how long did those quits last and why did you go back to smoking?


Hi Laura :)

I never thought i could quit ...

I live alone .. with my dog .. and my ciggies

my comfort and friend .. ha'

But .. i have found that there is life after Smoking ...


Best Wish's with your quit

Im looking foreward to reading your posts xx


Hi Laura

All the best for your quitt.

I had the same problems with patches, I used to get allergic to them, red skin and itching , couldn't leave them on. I am using the chewing gum , but too many of them gave me a real sore mouth.

Somebody on here told me about the inhalator. I tried that now and its brilliant and I keep it as a back up for really stressful times.


Hi Laura,

Well done and good luck!!



Hi Laura, Best of luck with your quit. And keep yourself active as this helps loads. I use the Lozenger myself I found the payches made me itch. But good luck, and keep posting we are all here for one another. Jacqui.:)




Hey Laura.

Try not to worry about it too much. Like you, I'd managed to quit smoking but started again. But I've found that it actually brings along much more determination - if only because you'll know not to cave in like last time. So use that experience but don't let it build extra pressure.

My Other Half is also continuing smoking, but as long as I ignore it, it doesn't get to me. I tend to go and have a glass of water or clean a tiny bit of the kitchen when that's going on.

Good Luck to you! I'll be on day 4 tomorrow and though it's been hard, it's been easier than I thought.


Hi laura

best wishes for tomorrow - it's my quit day too, so i'll be feeling your pain.

i've lost count of the number of times i've tried and the amount of tobacco i've thrown away, only to buy more. - I just never seem to get past about 6 weeks - always lured back in by the thought of just one cigarette.

I've been on this site a lot but never posted, so hopefully this will help.

hopefully by this time tomorrow we will both be 1 day smoke free:)

good luck


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