No Smoking Day

Its nearly the weekend

Hello my dear friends and fellow non smokers, three cheers for all of us.

Nice to see our old friends Buffs and Miss B back on the forum we missed you.

Well its nearly the weekend what is every1 up to got any special plans or is it just the usual round of housework,shopping and stopping the kids from killing each other good luck on that one.

I have another exciting weekend of washing, shopping,Xbox and TV what a sado i need to get out more. Havent got my daughter this weekend so at least i will be able to sleep in my own bed.

I have kept my promise and stayed away from those nasty scales i am determined not to go near them, but every morning when i go the gym i can hear them calling me, so i turn up the mp3 and drown them out. I was pleased yesterday as i ordered a pair of larger size jeans so when i got home i tried them on and they were loose Yeah, all my other jeans were a little bit on the SNUG side must have shrunk when i washed them, thats my excuse the fact that i havent actually washed them is neither here nor there, I did wear them out when it was raining that must be when they shrunk.

Well i wish every1 a pleasant weekend smokefree and see you all next week

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Thanks shellfish you have a good smoke-free weekend too :) I celebrate a new week every Saturday so I feel lucky on that one, hee. I hope the weather will be nice, here where I live (Turin, Italy) it's been as warm as in July lately, it'd be a blessing if the fall/winter were this mild....


All the best you guys! You deserve it. Have fun & spoil yourselves :D

We are actually going away for the night (first time in 4years) to a party - with the little one - YIPPEEEEE.... Really looking forward to it, escaping all the "catch up" jobs I seem to have every weekend! It can ALL wait!

No need to keep escaping outside for smokes either!

Take care :)



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