The Colour in Week 3 - What were you thinking of, you designers!!!

My god, I'm here at last!!!. What in gods name do you call the colour of the wall? and where have my ballooons gone? I'm into week 3 now feel like I should be celebrating, but in all honesty - feeling somewhat sad! (obviously not helped by the colour of week 3 room - which one of you lot thought that pea green was soothing and calming?)

PS: Apologies for my negativeness, is this normal at my stage??

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  • WOW WEEK 3, WAY TO GO!!!

    What??? you don't like the colour? I stayed up all night lastnight preparing this room for you and you DON'T LIKE IT??!!! i can't believe you...see if I help you design your rooms anymore. I love this colour ~ I picked it special for you. Green (the colour of grass), that is very calming...sigh! I love peas too - so the colour of them soothe my mind - I can't get over this!:eek:


  • Bou I was trying to get your ass outta sh!t and you go and do this - huh! I was taking all the blame for both of us...DUH!! Besides i told you the green looked like baby poop...butttt Noooooo - you just had to have it that way! :rolleyes:

  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh BOU! My worst fear in the whole world and you just called me that!!! OMG - he is very very scary isn't he? Ewwww he scares me to death....YUCK!! Gives me creepy, reepy feelings in my body - ewwww......

  • Bed sounds good, just keep your eyes closed so you can't see the terrible baby pooh green room you painted! :rolleyes:

  • Someone should of told you guys shes COLOR BLIND!!!

  • :eek: who is? Bou, me or Ana? I'm not! :confused:

  • :eek: who is? Bou, me or Ana? I'm not! :confused:

    Me neither, I love this colour blue I'm using here:)

    Feel dead chuffed with myself today, just back from smoking clinic, and for the first time (this is my fourth week of going) the nurse was actually an ex-smoker who gave up 2 years ago so I really felt I could relate to her and she made me feel so positive and pleased with myself, we had a good old chin wag! The other times I 've been I have only seen nurses who have never smoked, so they have no idea how hard it is to quit, or no idea I feel, and don't gee me up at all - anyone else have this problem?

  • I don't but I sure hate it when a person who has never smoked tries to give me advice on quitting. what the hell do they know? How do you give advice on something you have never done or experienced?

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