No Smoking Day
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Yeah the weekend

Hi to all my Nosmoking friends

Yes another weekend to look forward to, anyone got anything special planned for the weekend?.

I am in for a boring weekend my daughters has gone to Cardiff for the weekend to do some more work with the bbc so i wont see her at all, at least when she doesnt come round i get to sleep in my own bed, my chalet stays tidy and i dont have to watch casualty lol. So it looks like its me and Venus the cat for the weekend so i will have some company lol.

I shall go to Trowbridge to do some shopping in Asda, then walk around looking at the pretty women, then back home to do the washing yeah.

Sundays an exciting day i get to have a lay in, go for a 4 mile run, shower then go to Costa for a cappo and a read of the sunday papers then another walk around looking at the pretty woman (sad aint i).

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I work weekends (which is probably a good thing at the moment :) ) Cleaning and putting the places back together after our happy holidaymakers depart and seeing the next lot in.

I'm a major cat-lover so spending lots of time with Jasper & Oscar is always a treat .. and they don't smoke either :) :)

Hope you all have a lovely, relaxing and happy weekend




Massage, alcohol, men chasing, recovering!!!

Thats my plan, and that takes me up to tomorrow lunchtime, not sure what to do after that!!

Shellfish - u tried internet dating sites? Lots of pretty women to look at.

No offence meant, i actually signed up to one a few weeks ago and have been chatting to a few lovely men, and a few weirdos!!!:D



How can you not watch casualty?! :eek:

You do so remind me of me and my dad :D

Your a blessed man ;)

x x ~Buffy x x


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