No Smoking Day

2 months today what a millstone

oh my god 2 months today and do i miss those cancer sticks ............. well yes i do but only in passing but will be glad when the passing gets less.

what starts my cravings off is boredom and assocation with the habits that i used to do as a smoker....... having a drink .. watching tv .. after nookie... think we all get the drift.

but have learnt to attack the cravings head on and yes no means no... so to all of you who are on the earlier stages of giving up just hang in there because i was a 55 a day smoker for 28 years and if i can cut the habit and i am as weak as a kitten when it comes to ciggies then i am sure that we can all do this just keep reading up on niccotine addition and i found it helpfull when i am wavering to go to and watch all the videos of the poor people who have all the diseases caused by smoking and i am so pleased that at least by giving up know then i have a good chance of not catching these terrible afflications.

just hang in there people we are all stronger as a team.

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Well done timothy1964.

Like you i thought I could not quit but am still hanging on in there (82 days now :D )

It can be beaten this ciggy thing, you just really have to want to quit.

I finally feel that after the last 24 years (out of 29 years smoking) trying to quit that I have finally got there.

Keep it up mate. We are all with you.:) :)


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