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Day 2 today!

Hi Everybody,

Day 2 today. Feel ok at the moment. I think I'm going to have to change my routine a little today to break things up. I don't feel like a cigarette at the moment which is good I suppose.

I've switched from drinking coffee to orange juice at breakfast on the advice of the NHS smoking line.

I'm off back to bed for a few hours now as I still feel quite tired - plus it'll mean there's less of day 2 to go when I wake up!


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morning graeme,

you back with us yet or still dozing...zzz... i'm sleeping at my desk again - don't tell anyone! :)

Hope day 2's going ok for you. Orange juice is a good idea - your sugar levels are likely to go haywire for the first few days and fruit juice will help sort them out. Plus even after a short time you're probably going to notice an improvement in taste.


Hi hbav,

Ok so far today. The orange juice was kind of sweet this morning. I guess I'll have to eat plenty today to check out those taste buds!


That's been my excuse for the last few weeks! To be honest though a few extra pounds is nothing compared to the risks of smoking. So if it takes a few biscuits to get me through this part then that's fine with me. Once I start my new job in a couple of weeks it'll be back to the gym to use all this extra lung capacity I should now have.

I hope you're feeling suitably proud of yourself!


Yes, I do feel proud. It feels great to be a non-smoker (even though it's only been 2 days!).

I can't wait to get to the gym to see how much better I feel on the treadmill. I went into town yesterday for a walk and I'm sure I noticed an improvement in my fitness even after such a short period of time.

The back of my throat feels a luttle better but still a long way to go!


It's great when you really start noticing the benefits isn't it - and then you realise that there are sooooo many benefits and you really wonder why you ever smoked in the first place.

I found my throat got worse before it got better. It was pretty sore for the first couple of weeks but I took that as a good sign of my body sorting itself out. My mouth hurts today but that's because I have no patience and drank tea that was far too hot and burnt myself last night. I am such a muppet at times :rolleyes:

Hope the rest of day 2 (and day 3, week 2, month 4, etc) all go ok.


I don't want to tempt fate but it feels great! When I say to myself I'm a 'non-smoker' or I 'don't smoke' it almost sends a shiver down my spine!


Obvious one, my morning cough went. I thought it would get worse before better but it just went. ( I think this is cos i stopped the pot months ago so probably improved my lungs alot after that).

But now i've notice i've got a bit of a cough again, after 6 weeks, i THINK its cos i've been doing cardio work at the gym so maybe i'm using bits of my lungs that haven't been used for a long time!! I'm coughing up the dust n cobwebs from in there!! Yuk!!


That's a great benefit you should already be noticing graeme - you'll smell better.

We all know it stinks when we do it but we all kind of convince ourselves that it's not that bad. I was at a gig on monday and a guy came in and stood next to me that had clearly just been outside for a fag. He smelt so bad, I had to move!


I was out on Sat night and went it a toilet where someone had been having a sly cig (they should go outside now!!!).

It really stunk!!

Then when came out and asked my friends if they could smell it on me, they said yeah!! I was disgusted!!! Luckily it didn't linger.


What surprised me was how much it still sticks to you. We were in town on sat night and obviously all the pubs are non-smoking. We were standing outside for a while waiting for some mates and were near the smokers. The next morning I noticed that my clothes from the night before still really smelt. I didn't realise just how bad I must have smelt before until that moment.


Just had my first cup of coffee of the day! Usually I have it as soon as I wake up but I'm trying to break my routine so I had orange juice instead.

Made plans to go for a walk around the local nature reserve with a friend this afternoon. I suppose I should be working but it can't hurt to take a few days out to get some clean air time under my belt!


Sounds good Graeme, wish i could take a few days off!!!

U seem to be approaching your quit really well and it should pay off!!

ENJOY your walk :)


I want to stop so much. I've got as much literature, website's and telephone numbers as possible and I've made sure I read everything and constantly ring NHS helpline for encouragement etc. I hate smoking but I know it's an addiction and I'm gonna have to go through some tough times to get to the other side.

I feel ok at the moment. I've saved a tenner so far which is pretty cool. I'm looking forward (in the future) to things like going to the cinema, going on plane's, trains and things like that. When smoking they were a nightmare. I remember a few of us went to see Lord of the rings at the cinema and they didn't seem to smoke like I did. They could manage for 3 hours without a smoke. I had to nip out for 2 smoke's during the film! I won't miss stuff like that!


Being prepared is so important. Unlike most people I seem to find the first few days not too bad (full of good intentions still) and then a few days after that the novelty wears off a bit and the cravings hit me with a vengeance. That's when you need to be able to check the websites, read the leaflets, etc.

Or you might just breeze through the next few months and never think about smoking again!


I think the former is more likely. It is a little bit of a novelty at the moment I agree. It feels good to be a non-smoker. I need to keep vigilant for the first few months until I get to that place I was at before (the last time I stopped) and it never bothered me. I'll have to not get so drunk I can't speak this time though and I won't pick a cigarette up when I don't know what I'm doing!


You'll get to that stage soon enough (not the drunk bit!) This time you've got the added advantage of the experience you gained from your last quit too.


day 2 for me

Dear graeme

I know how you feel. I am also on day 2and i feel ok but i have tried to give up before and failed. I am more determened this time and on patches and sometimes gum if i really have a bad craving. It is good to know that other people feel the same though!!!!!

Good luck.




the previous attempts weren't failures - just learning experiences! :)



I'm just back from a walk around our local nature reserve. We walked about 3 miles and it took almost 2 hours so I've enjoyed myself. The person I was with smokes but he only had 2 whilst we were out. It was great that I had no desire to smoke, too.


Well done Graeme thats a helluva achievement to overcome so soon,

u r winning!!!!:D :D


Good plan. A lovely walk always helps with the endorphins, which then helps with the motivation. You must have better weather there, I just looked out of the window and it looked like it was snowing :eek:


It looks as though it's about to rain but it did hold up during the walk.

I'm ok at the moment as my determination is fierce. The problem I'll have I'm sure is in a week or so when the novelty has worn off. When I get there I'm hoping any desire has left me.

Doing ok at the moment though so I'll take that...


You just have to focus on right now rather than worrying about what may or may not happen in a week or month or so. You're doing so fantastically well so far, that should give you plenty of positive thoughts to carry you through. :)


I feel ok at the moment. I'm going out for a run in about an hour or so to test out my new lung capacity. If I feel any benefit it will give me another boost I'm sure.

So far I've not really had a desire as such to smoke. I felt light headed last night and got a few minor cravings before bed last night but nothing serious. I have met a couple of smokers yesterday and today but no desire to smoke.


Feeling a little strange at the moment. It feels like I can 'taste' cigarette's??

I think I'm about to have a little craving. I won't give in but I'm sure it won't be pleasant.


Feeling cravings also - having a drink instead!

Hang on in there - you can do it! :D

Whitto x


Ok, real bad cravings at the moment. Not going to give in that's for sure but they aint easy. Is it because I'm sat thinking how 'bad' they are? My head's playing games with me too! Frickin' nicotine!


Got two bottles of Cherry coke and 2 x bags of bacon streaks to see me through. I don't think about smoking when I'm stuffing my face or guzzling pop.


you can do it! :D

reminds me of the waterboy, "you can do it, you can do it aaalllllll niggghhhtttt"


Getting a boost at the moment - I'm watching and listening to Allen Carr on youtube. Great little video and it's perked me up.


Hang in there Graeme! the nic demon is obviously challenging you but you know what, you are stronger. Trust me, it's one of those cases where just believing it, makes it true ;)


Thanks. I aint giving in. Just been watching some Allen Carr on youtube. Pretty good vid and perked me up a little. He makes sense and I need to stop focusing on the negative. I DON'T smoke! I'm a non-smoker! I may live an extra 20 years. I'll save £2,000 a year. I'll have loads more energy. I don't smell of smoke. My taste and sense of smell is returning. I'm not coughing. All that plus so much more because I stopped smoking.


Everyone's got to find their own way but I actually quit thanks to Allen Carr's book, I made the decision hence I bought the book because I had accidentally read about it months earlier and was kind of intrigued. Reading it was such fun that the day of my last ciggie I was happy, exactly like he suggests one should be. I'm SO hard to manipulate it's amazing what good that man was able to do to my smoking mind ;) I guess it's simply that he is joyful and positive about the quitting experience, and personally that's exactly what I need.


I agree but didn't want to mention it as other people may be stopping different ways. It's good to listen to when I'm desperate as it removes any fear and focuses my mind on why I'm doing this. Almost done day 2 now.


Other people are indeed stopping other ways and they share experiences and advices and talk about common situations exactly like you and I are doing :) Respect is the key word, the important thing, always and anywhere, I believe. It's what makes me someone who would never in a million years go around here or anywhere else trying and convince people that my way is better than their way :eek:

And indeed, you're almost at Day 2! :)


Day 2 has 2 hours left then I'll be moving to day 3.

How long should it be before I stop counting each day and just accept I'm a non-smoker and I don't need to count days as I don't smoke?


Why do you want to stop counting the days? it's fun :p No seriously, I do find it fun and reeeeeally helpful, I started out as a bit skeptical about it and ended up obsessing over counting the days, hee. It's a healthy obsession, but --> I have been having to remind myself to count the days since the end of week 2, more or less. You kinda stop counting the days and start counting the weeks :D

Edited to add that the more you go on, the more the counting days becomes more a pleasure than a need, like a sort of reminder of why you must be proud of yourself, should you ever forget ;)


Hi Graham

It doesn't matter how you do it - as long as it works for you then thats great!

Everyone has different ways of coping. Take other peoples experiences / advice etc and see what works for you.

I have found that even logging on here just helps as I know I am not alone in this fight to stop smoking. I think also, I feel that I don't want to let any one down on this site. Sometimes its easier to let down those closest to you like family as you know that they will let you get away with it more easily!

Not sure how long it takes or even if you stop counting - did stop in the past for about 8years and started again after a break up. Even stopped when I was pregnant and started again. Still know the dates now although not the exact number of days!

Good Luck!



I noticed day 3 doesn't get too many posts. I guess this is when it gets hard!


Day 3 Posts!

Hi Bud

On day 3 today myself and been too busy reading other peoples story's and advice to put a new post on it!

Last night and today I have had cravings and trying to ignore them or get water / keep busy.

Goin to bed to hopefully get sleep tonight - still amazin dreams /wakin up at 3/4/5 am but not great when I need to get up at 6am and only a few hours sleep every night for last 4-5nights!

Nite Nite now anyhow - take care



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