No Smoking Day

Day Eighty something

Hello peeps and ms Filthy mind

I hope every1 had a nice weekend smokefree.

I have lost count its 8? day, my quit calender at work stopped at day 70.

I spent the weekend reading, washing, house work and shopping oh a womans work is never done LOL.

Feeling fine still have the odd off day which as Buffy says is 3 month thing.

Just need to sort out weight problem still going to the gym every morning at work i find it helps get me through the day and wakes me up plus its empty first thing in the morning.

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morning shell

well done shell you are doing so well, all the gym you have done you must look brill :)

morning Boudee thanks darling but no chance i have got the belly, but i went down to 100kg before i stopped smoking and i am now 108kg so i have to loose those 8kg again its annoying but ive done it once i can do it again ?:p


of course you can, i reckon you should post on "post your face thread" and let us see what you look like


I wouldnt want to frighten you might start smoking again lol no i only have access to internet at work and because of security i am unable to upload mug shot lucky you lol

Reply Well done Shell

My be you could get a pc with all your saving not smoking Hehehe

Keep up the good work shell Love Linda xxxxx


hey thats ok sweet cakes you can send one to my phone and then i can tell every one what you look like :D

Boudee yes we could try that if you want, just make sure youve eaten first before looking at it LOL



So as your not tom and dick


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