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Day 10... And something annoying


I completely forgot to post my own thread yesterday, although I did reply to someone else's. I am glad to report I am on day 10 and still going strong. I have one thing that is really bugging me. When I wake up in the mornings my mouth tastes of stale smoke. I am brushing and using mouthwash before I go to sleep at night but every morning it's the same taste. I don't remember this from previous quits. Did anyone else get this and if so how long did it last for?

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Hi Mark

Glad to hear you are moving ahead, seems you are well equipt to move on, I'm so happy to hear you are not having any real problems, you have it beat this time, this is the one for you yea:0)

Sorry I pressed post reply to early, not sure about anyone else but I havnt had the same issues as everyone else, I just would really like a smoke, :0) but I am trying not to let it beat me :0)

I have a very strange feeling in the morning when I wake up. Not sure i'd say it was smoke (although now you have me wondering). Mines a dry mouth / throat, lmost more of a hangover mouth feeling? Its annoying - I expected to feel better in the mornings, not worse!

I do remember on a previous quit having a really vivid dream about smoking which i could taste & smell it after so maybe you are dreaming and just don't remember them?

Maybe its just that your body is repairing overnight, so throwing all the nasty smoke out (via your mouth?)

Either way, I'm sure given time it will pass and then you'll never have to taste smoke again!:D

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

I had a bit of that mark, in the early days. It passed, as everything does :) I think I remember feeling BRILLIANT the first few mornings, and then after about a week noticing the taste you describe, not just in the mornings though. All day. Like the ghosts of all the smokes I ever smoked coming back to haunt me. Just grin and bear it :D

How did you get on at Glastonbury? Still smoke free? If I had to hazard a guess I would say you more than smashed it.

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free in reply to Incy_Wincy

Entirely smashed it mark :)

Also, noticed a massive decline in the number other people smoking which was really nice.

Is it residual smoking or something else? Is it all the s*^t that's starting to come out of your system.It is a toxic habit we have here

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