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Day 4...Something feels different

Had a terrible night's sleep last night, really was tossing and turning. But this morning I got up, and for the first time I haven't woken up desperate for a cig! In fact at the moment I don't want one at all!

I know the cravings will hit me in a bit, but I'm so pleased to feel better, and to be here, smokefree, on Day 4 :D

Quick question...did anyone get a runny nose because of it? Dunno if I'm getting a cold or it's to do with my quit x

Hope you're all staying strong!

Sal xx

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Hi Sal well done on reaching day 4 :D

i didnt get a runny nose when i quit but then again its that time of year when all the nice bugs are coming into season :eek:

hope you have a great weekend :)

regards Carol


Hi Carol.

Thanks. Still don't feel like I'm dying for a cig, which is good. My fave bit of progress was when my OH went for a cig just now and when he came in he smelt soooo bad to me! I have never noticed before! :)

As for the runny nose...I now have aches and pains, shivering, hypersensitive skin, headache and sore throat. Safe to say I don't think it's my quit, I think I'm actually ill, so I'm heading up for a nap.

Have to go to Asda later...that'll be a test, my first trip to the shops as a non smoker :eek:

Sal xx


ahhh sorry to hear your not feeling too great :( just remember to drink plenty of fuids and take some paracetamol glad to hear that your still doing so well :)

i share a house with my sister who smokes and have to say the first few days i used to think god did i smell that bad when i smoked :eek: scary or what now ive gotton used to it with her anyways but strange if im near anyone else i know if they are a smoker might be to do with the fact that all the cigs have a slightly different smell to them :confused:


Hi sal

Well done for reaching day four that's fab.....I'm day 7 today and still led in bed to scared to get up incase I let all my hard work go :( but like you I to have to go to asda now soon I think that's what I'm putting off getting up for but I've got to do it so here go's let me know how your shopping trip goes

Oh and I just wanted to say that I had really sensitive itchy skin at around day 4, aches and pains on day 5 and today I'm dealing with a horrid headache and bunged up head so I don't know whether it's the quit or illness??

I do remember my OH getting colds a lot the first month or 2 after he gave up to ( he will be quit 2 years this march!) so maybe it might have something to do with the quit....anyway hope your ok and good luck with your trip to asda remember you CAN do it and so can I so up I get and off I go :)

Beck x


Sorry you're feeling poorly - hope you're over it soon. On the bright side when you're ill you feel a lot less like smoking, so it might actually get you over the hurdle of the next day or so! :o I had a bout of full-on flu at Christmas and couldn't face a cigarette for several days, which is what started me off on my quit. Every cloud, as they say.

Take care of yourself. Have some lemsip and watch crap TV x


Well I managed to get to bed for a couple hours this afternoon, but had to go to Asda when I got still needs doing regardless of how crap I feel :(

Feel really poorly, was a pathetic sight shuffling round Asda propped up on my trolley.

On a positive note though, it's the first day I've been to the shops alone since I stopped smoking, and I never even thought about it til I was halfway home!

Still not having strong cravings today. Dunno if it's cos I'm ill, or cos I'm on day 4, but I feel pretty good about it :)

Think I'll be back in bed soon though....


Feel better soon xxx


Hi Sal,

Im on day 4 and finding it hardest today, headache, insomnia, BAAAAD cravings, have been looking up withdrawal symptoms although u prob know now anyway but runny nose is on the list, its a long list and im convinced i have everything!! not good, but im determined to beat this EVIL drug!!! after 17 yrs of smoking 30 a day i am somewhat proud of myself, we should all be proud, well done Sal and keep up the good work!!


P.S Here is the withdrawal list

Actual Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms

These are temporary and aren't much fun. You might get none, some, or all and more!

•Your mind will play tricks on you and try to dominate your thoughts. Mood swings, loneliness, lack of concentration, emptiness, agitation, stress, anger, self-pity, and just general crankiness might happen. These psychological symptoms are explained more in Side Effects of Quitting Smoking.

•Headaches or a general heaviness. This is a classic smoking withdrawal symptom, often caused by your sinuses clearing out.

•Shaking, sweating or feeling very cold.

•Coughing, hacking, runny nose, wheezing and shortness of breath. Seems strange to get these when you've quit, but your body is ridding itself of years of tar and built-up residues. In other words, at last taking the opportunity of having a good clean-out.

•Insommnia is common. Well, it is stressful to quit and break your normal patterns. As with all stress — good or bad, sleep challenges can surface.

•Sour stomach or stomach pains. Your digestion might get out of whack for a little while.

•Pains, pains, pains. Some smokers get stomach cramps, sore gums, pains in chest... pains anywhere. Your mind and body are going through a healing crisis and they are going to remind you of what they are missing.

•Tiredness and a general zapped feeling.

Hope this helps some/most of you??!!



Runny nose


Yep I've had a runny nose and generally just feeling terrible, but it has now lifted (mostly). Funny how when you feel bad you think smoking will make you feel better, but when you did smoke you know that it didn't make any difference (maybe made you feel worse). Its those mind tricks the nicotine plays.

Into my second week now, thank goodness. Stick with it


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