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Morning all

Well im on day 12 today not feeling to bad do get my moments but they dont last to long. Partners on day5 hes using zyban dont know if its helping cos hes like a bear with a sore head. HEHE. Well im of out tonight on my works christmas do. Hope i dont get to drunk not been out for two years jan 15 when my daughter give me a suprize 50th birthday party. If my head is still working in the morning I will let you all know how it went. Have a fab smoke free weekend. Oh yes my bit of good news for the day my son is going to try and stop drinking again. xxxxxxxxx

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Well done Linda.

Have a great evening:)


Well done the both of you, and good luck to your son.

I hope your do goes well, ;)

All the best



did i miss something? day 12??


doing good linda,.have a good night out ,,you should let your hair down,and get pi..ed out of your head enjoyyour self keep the faith all the best tony


Well done Linda you are a star!!

I've had life shit going on and have had a few cigs but would be quit week 9 I think- can't remember.

Still on Champix so cigs not doing their stuff-I'm not craving just an urge-they are just stupid stress habit cigs.

I'll get the shit out the way and back on total wagon.


Hey Linda,

Guess what ....I'm on day 12 CT too.

Hope your 'do' didn't induce a relapse.

Keep on and we'll do it!

Bill X


Hi Linda You doing great. How was the xmas do??


Hi All

Chrismas do was ace really enjoyed. I was so glad for the ban, would not have liked to go out in the cold every half hour. Not been out since the ban Im sure it would of been harder to stay quit. Also only a very small headache yesterday morning. day to my self today partner and youngest son has gone to brum to see some motorbike show they go every year.xxxx

Looks like Mojo Billy and myself have all started this quit on the same day 23 nov 08 So here we go team three. DAY 14 xxxx



Actually, I stopped on 26th..No matter.

I'm hanging out with Sue KB old quit buddy, also, who is just about to quit for ever...aren't you Sue???

I think we should be called the 'Gits' 'cos we've all gone and done the stupid.

Mark you, Linda has had some tough stuff to get through...But we all know that there's nothing in smoking but a bad habit.

Let's make this a happy event for all concerned, huh? If not this time, when?

YUP YUP ( 'Yes, undeniably possible')

Bill !:):rolleyes::eek::)


So pleased to see you back Bill, Mojo and Sue!!

I will stop again in the next couple of days just got to deal with no job and threat of eviction. I left a good job and rented house to work self employed for some idiots as pub manager which included flat above pub- they've now decided they don't want me. . . grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

2008's been one hell of a year!



So sorry about your troubles And I agree 2008 has been a shit year for me also. With all the stuff with my son my daughter lost her baby last april. But good news is she is 14 week again tomorrow. borrowed 10 grand off my house to get ice cream van and start up for partner. Every thing that could go wrong did sold it and after everything was left with 5 grand. But never mind we live to fight another day. But i bloody hope next year is a lot better. HEHE.We are here to support you babe when ever and what ever. Linda xxxx Sorry forgot Bill Gits is good for me.


Thanx for kind words Linda - here's hoping next year is much better for us both. (Went bankrupt start of year from pub I'd had 8 and a half years - can't believe that's nearly a year ago!) xxx



Gotta be better than what you two have had.

And Pammy...join the GITS...all you can eat and no fags...what more could you want from a quit?

B X:)


Ok Bill, I'm in with the GITS too - be a few days behind you though.

Could do with some alcohol to go with all that food and no nicotine please!!

Can someone please tell me why my smiley thing don't work anymore???



Virtual alchohol is fine, but I'm seriously considering having to go CT on the booze when I get back to UK on 18th. Can't drink here anyway, and it's so much easier.

Or maybe a strongly held limit.

I find booze and fags just go together like a horse and carriage.

What do y'all think about it? I suppose you must have seen the up, down and sideways of alchohol, Pammy...I'd be interested to hear your view especially...


PS Up the GITS reminds me of the BFG for some reason...Was there a family of gits in that?


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