No Smoking Day


Well good morning to all, did all the normal things first thing and then went to stick a patch on. Now today is my 1st day on a 7MG patch..... the excitement was hard to contain as i cut open the wrapper.... all size patches come in the same size boxes and wrappers but seem to get smaller... well omg the 7mg is no bigger than a postage stamp lol:rolleyes: Think now that i'm a non smoker that ive become worried about waste and green lmao, surely they can adapt the wrappers? Anyhow thats my bit of entertainment for this morning i'm now on my way out to Crealy adventure park...... have a good day all.

Cazzy x

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Grats on go diddy!! :D

Have a great day x

~Buffy x x


WEll done Cazzy soon be patch free doing great. Linda

My son just came to talk to me as i was reading this post he said best place to put patch on is both eyes so we cant find fags.. HEHEHE smart ass in he Linda xxx


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