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2886 ciggies ( roll ups ) not smoked 10-09-07


hi people

quit on 21-07-07 i have been smoking an average of

55 roll-ups a day ( sometimes a lot more ) for the last 28 years.

had a small relaspe about 2 weeks ago when i smoked a roll up but kicked my self royally and not touched one since.

i am on day 51 and i think as long as you remember just how hard it was to get to this stage and how easier it will be once the cravings stop or at least calm down to an acceptable level then i feel we all can kick the habit because at the end of the day that is all it is......... a bloody habit.

i want a ciggie craving about 8 times a day but i push it in the back of my mind and keep busy with something else.

trust me people it will get easier because i have had odd days when ciggie cravings has not touched me until i am ready for me bed so all hang in there.

the british goverment are hypocryptes when they bring in a blanket smoking ban for our own health but take billions in tax on this drug but dont even have the decency to finance a good level of funding for cancer research.

i wonder what new taxes will be put into place when more and more people kick the habit thus denying the goverment of ill gained revenue.

i can only hope its not a tax on doughnuts or cream cakes because i think i would need 2 jobs to support my eating habits at the moment.

i have tried all forms of therepy from hypnotism to acupucture from patches to herbal medication.

none worked for me but i now realise it was because i did not have the information on tap to help me give up so i looked on the internet and read everything about nicotine addition and why i am finding it so hard to kick the habit.

well been cold turkey for 51 days and yes everyday is a struggle but at least the struggle is getting easier so roll on 3 months.

thanks for reading.


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Sorry to hear that you are still having thoughts about smoking sooo much in a day :( Hope that changes for you soon.

Glad you decided to join this forum because you seem to have great things to say that can cheer people out of a quit smoking rut. Congrats on your quit!! Keep posting :D



Wellcome to the site we are a great bunch on here so come and join us you will have good support. Congrats on your 51 day that is really cool. Linda xxx

Hi Timothy and welcome to our forum,


Congratulations on your fantastic achievement of 51 days cold turkey that is wonderful and you should be very proud of yourself.

Keep up the good work mate,

Befly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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