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3 weeks and all's well


At the 21st day of my quit all is well, and I really want to treasure the way I've been feeling lately because it might help during whatever low the nic monster might want to torture me with in the not too distant future ;)

Guys, to be a non smoker is such a beautiful thing. I feel amazingly better, more optimistic in general, I want to do more things, I am more often happier for no particular reason at all. I think to quit smoking is possibly the smartest decision I've taken in my entire life :p

Sure, I'm sometimes grumpy at work exactly like I used to be, and the people I didn't like before my quit? I still don't like them...I mean, I've read and heard - thus fear a little bit - that once you quit you have to sooner or later face the weaknesses in you that caused you to smoke in the first place, and that it can be pretty uncomfortable and difficult to cope with, but there's no way it can be worse than Me With All The Same Weakenesses Plus The Smoking Addiction, right?? :cool:

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Ooo Francessca

Well done you. It is brilliant to hear how optimistic and happy you are and I think you are quite right about facing the demons that caused you to smoke in the first place - which can often be painful on its own. You are very inspiring - Well done and hope you're enjoying spending all your ciggie money on lovely things for you.

Well Done Lovely


Good for you!! You are doing great. Keep it up and don't let the ciggie demons get to you!

Well done Francesca!!!

Your doing great!! your positivity is so lovely x x

1 months just around the corner :D

~Stay Strong~Buffy x x

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