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One Whole Week!


"I quit smoking on Friday 31st of August 2007 at 09:30 PM and have been free for 7 days, 1 hours and 17 minutes. I have not smoked 141 cancer-sticks and have saved €24.91 as well as gaining 26 hours of life."

Yayyyyyyy I made it through my first week. My boyf and I are both feeling much better, so much better in fact that we're tackling having a few ciders/beers as non-smokers. Had a few craves today but nothing serious. I've had two situations where I've been around smokers and they stink! I got my scooter back today from the mechanics and when I was driving it, it was so different! I could smell everyyything, fields and grass, hay and manure, totally new experience. Now the worst is behind me, there's only good to look forward to, I will never smoke again.. and I'm ok with that.

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You get on that scooter girl and feel that wind in your hair, and the smell of life in your nose - cos you've done it!!!!!!!

There you go - zoooooooooooooooooooooming through the next few weeks - there is no stopping you now!!

Really proud of yous and Well done - have a cider on me!!

Big Hugs


Great job. You and your bf are on the better path now! Fresh clean smelling air :D Way to go guys!


Harley, Your doing so well. You have got to be very proud of yourself:) .

Well done and keep up the fantastic work.

:D Thanks everyone, loved that wee scooter pic :) Yup am feeling pretty good. This morning when I woke up I didn't even think about cancer-sticks for a full 5 minutes! A new record, but it wasn't even a crave when I thought about them. The cider tasted better ;) Am loving the extra dosh, I bought clothes yesterday!

Hi Harley

Soooo glad you are feeling good!!

Five minutes is excellent before thinking of a smoke - I swear when I was in week 1 I used to wake up and think the wallpaper was actually smokey joes - so I was on all of .....2 seconds!!!

Glad you had a good night out with the cider. I tried some pear cider recently which was lush - have you tried that? Hope you had a cider on me!!

Now retail therapy is the only way to go!! I have got £60 in my smoking pot and am deciding do I splurge now or save for a leather jacket and Dr Martin Boots - save or splurge?? At the moment hanging on but can't wait to spend it. What did you buy - do tell??

Way to go Harlye you're doing the business - hope you're all packed and arrived in week 2 ok? I am sending you some flowers to welcome you in.

Have a lovely day

Big Hugs


Well I only bought a pair of jeans but by the time winter comes I'll buy a decent coat. It's so silly that I used to freeze my ass off and look like a tink (I'm a student, don't get much money over here) just because half of my money went on fags :rolleyes: now I can pay my bills and still have quite a bit left over after food :D

Oh yeahhh and pear cider is very popular over here. Last night I had an apple cider and a cranberry. They have just about every kind of cider imaginable here, including summer fruits and strawberry. I like most of them after I've warmed up lol

Yeah buying a nice pair of jeans always makes me feel good - I live in jeans I haven't worn a skirt in years. You will be able to buy yourself a lovely coat now for the winter and stock up on lovely wintery foods to keep that cold away.

Cigs are so expensive and it's amazing that no matter how brassic you are you always find money for smokes??? Always. ie rather not eat but smoke syndrome... or just eat toast and smoke rather than get a dinner.

How much are smokes over where you are Harley? The last pack I bought cost me £5.57 for 20 Marlborough lites. It's just such a rip off - which is 28p per cigerrette. Yet I would not spend £5.57 on buying myself anything cos I'd feel bad - or that it was too expensive etc. Madness!!!



They're definitely cheaper over here €5.30 for a pack of 30 (about the second cheapest brand though). So about £4-£4.50 for a pack of 30. Yup.. back then I'd rather smoke than eat properly. Couldn't really afford anything and got myself in debt cos I would smoke instead of pay bills. Insane..

Yesterday my friend who still smokes took me shopping with her, we were in the car park and she looked in her bag and didn't have her fags or a lighter with her, she was freaking out! Am so glad I've escaped this nasty addiction and everyone here has too cos you all know how it feels :D

Oh god yes I remember that feeling if you'd forgotton your smokes - or needed one but couldn't go out to have one. It would consume all your mental thoughts - like I have to have a cig now or I am going to biff someone!!!

On Big Brother over here I was watching a few weeks ago and they were all so desperate for a smoke they even went back and resmoked their butt ends - how gross is that - but everyone has been desperate before and done desperate things!! Even if it's going to the garage late at night etc.

Cor the things we did for smokey joe - we were committed weren't we - it was like having some selfish git of a lover - take take take with the occasional acknowledgement here and there!!!

he he

Loads of Hugs


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