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Day 9


Morning all,

how's everyone doing today? Am feeling bit more positive than yesterday. There's no way that I'm going to go back to smoking and I love that I'm not doing it anymore - so why on earth was I wasting time moping about it?!?

How long does it take for your circulation to improve? I take some quite strong painkillers and over the last couple of days (first time I've taken these particular ones for a few weeks) they've made me so spaced out. I can't even finish a sentence at the moment. Do you think this could be because there's more oxygen getting around my body so it's all whizzing around faster??

Has anyone else had to change medications when they stopped smoking or noticed a difference in effects?


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Can't really cut down as unfortunately they're not having any stronger effect on the pain, just on my balance!

Still, on the plus side I should now be a cheaper date as the alcohol can move more freely :D

Yay H!!!!

Sooooo glad you hung tight and feeling better today x x x x

Erm yeah now you come to mention it I have pain killers from my pleurisy that make me feel like that :D

But I never took them before, when I smoked so don't know if it would of been different!!

Don't care really :D I think they are great :D hehehehehehe

Well done H double figures tomorrow!! :eek:

~Buffy x x

Well done H double figures tomorrow!! :eek:

Thanks - I think I needed someone to say 'well done' today. My family didn't know that I smoked (well, I'm sure they did really but I certainly never admitted it) and my bf wasn't aware of recent lapses so though I'd stopped ages ago. I've been feeling abit sorry for myself over the last couple of days and it's great to have someone that understands on here.

Aw x x x x

Well we know the struggle you have had.

That's why we are chuffed with your progress.

Thats why it makes it or the more important to feel,

pleased with yourself x x

You are ready for a good treat :D a bit of retail therapy ?? :D

Yeah I think a bit of retail therapy might be in order. I start a new job in a few weeks so I'm thinking about treating myself to some lovely new work clothes. The new job's more money as well so guess that's something else to celebrate! :)

I need to get out of the mindset of waiting for something to happen. I've stopped, that's it, it's already happened. If I sit around waiting to stop thinking about it I might be waiting a very long time!

:D That's very true x x

Good news about the job and shopping :D yay

Just smile and see the all new you!!

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