No Smoking Day

70 Days 2day

Hello every1

70 days today WOW and i am sharing a room with Boudee what more could a man want i hope she brought her flaps and red and green panties with her????,lol i just hope she doesnt nag. lol

I made it to the gym this morning and had a session on the weights, i just feel so much better after i have been to the gym in the mornings.

i am looking forward to a nice long weekend got 2morrow and monday off, going out with my daughter to my fav pub for a roast dinner on sunday to celebrate my birthday so looking forward to that they do a supurb roast my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Buffy & Boudee i hope we do arrange a group meeting because we wont need entertainment with you two smutesses there hehehe.

I hope every1 has a smokefree weekend and speak to you all tuesday.

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i mentioned to Buffy about a preference for a busty blonde/redhead but as i am on a long dry spell anything with a pulse will do lol. Yeah your hair colour is fine if its still the same as your photo.

Mines tea white with sweetners please, i will go and get some grub and then latter you can show me your flaps and smalls cant wait.

Between you and me do you think buffs was getting a bit jealous hahahaha


I am consumed with jealousy :eek:

How could you two be sooooo cosy without me :(

oh woe woe woe


Hmmmm oh yep thats it got it outta my system all good now :D


Buffy your so shallow haha


Buffy your so shallow haha

:rolleyes: yeah lol, 'cos just spotted the wine in the corner ;)


Congrats Shell and everyone else on smoke free days. I keep losing track of what day i'm on so I see where you are at. Starting 71 days in 1.5 hours...on week 11.......I'm amazed. Have a great weekend everyone



Just a inch from 3 months! :eek:

Way to go Joe ;)

hehehe x x x x

Good to see you x x stay strong

~Buffy x x


An inch is a lot when you don't got it ha ha. Thanks Buffy feeling better everyday too.



Lol x x Ah tis sweet to come through and start to feel the real benefits x x


CONGRATS SHELL!!! I am minding my own and you have to have things falling out on my head...damn those flaps are HUGE!! :p


Hi Shellfish,

Wow 70 days that is awesome!

Thats about double what i've done so that is an achievement,

Keep it up and enjoy the freedom,

Befly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:D


way to go-----

30 a day for 30 years and absolutley 0 for seventy days-WOW!!! thats fantastic. GOOD OYEN R X


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