No Smoking Day

Day 9 is happiness

Today I felt no cravings at all, not even a single one, not any short pangs, nothing! I've been calm and relaxed and totally uninterested in smoke all day long, even in the company of smokers.

So this day 9 has been so good it deserves to be mentioned - I thought it might also help other people to know how truly good you can feel in just a short time.

Yup, bad moments can be a real bitch and boy do I know they'll come back again, but

1) they still mean I'm not smoking so I'll kind of cherish them from now on instead of having a hissy fit at anything in sight :rolleyes:

2) the good moments are pure heaven!!!

I also think that because yesterday it was so hard for me, that today was even sweeter. When I used to be a smoker I would never wake up with this silly happy grin on my face for no reason on earth!

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YIPPPEEEE YAHHHOOOO!!! Great going Honey! Keep strong and continue on your journey to a new healthy, non smoking life! :D


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