Cooorrrrrr It's Day 4!!!


Day 4 dawns and only had a little crunch this morning - the kids were a little better this morning - only half a tube of toothpaste went on the floor - HOORAH!!! It's all one moment at a time, one day at a time. But without you guys I'd never have got to day 4 let alone survived the first few hours.

Hub's on day off today so not sure what to do yet - probably go out somewhere but the weather stinks. It's freezing - we've had the heating on. Is anyone else cold???

Anyways hope you're all splendid and check in later with you.

Loads of hugs


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  • You are doing so well, keep it up :) and soon youll be sailing to ya first week ;)

  • Well done Poppyfairy, keep it up, you truly are an inspiration!!!:)

  • Well done Poppy, its cloudy here, torrential rain yesterday and very cold.

    xxxx Pupalup xxxxx

  • Well done Poppyfairy.

    Very wet and cold in London at the moment.

  • Well done poppy x x x you are doing so well!!

    I too have the heating on !! it's dried up now but still cloudy :rolleyes:

    Ah the great British summers :D

  • Oooh the sun just came out :D but its gone in again :rolleyes:

    It is trying to brighten up here :D

  • Hiya Buffy

    Sun's just popped out here to and I've turned the heating down now. Kids are making me gaga - the house looks like a bomb has exploded in it - every box of toys must have been used in their game I think. Paid some bills, done some ironing, made loads of phonecalls to education people and solicitor (Matthew,s) and now I WANT A CIGGIE!!!

    Do you remember Violet Elizabeth in Just William around about 30 years ago? I feel a bit like her at the mo - the old 'I'm going to scream and scream and make myself sick' if I don't have a smoke!!!!

    How's your day going?? Great I hope??!!

    Well there you go I've just been proved wrong now. Making a huge mess is a GREAT thing according to Jessi and Matthew as by turning every box out they've just found Matthew's hot water bottle that went missing a month ago (he has to have one every night for his bowel condition). He has got a new one mind you - but they were both so excited I didn't have the heart to say 'and who's going to clear the mess up?' They do try a bit but just lose focus so quickly they pull it all back out again.

    The crunchies are still crunching! Oh crunch off crunchies - I'm not putting up with your crunching anymore!!!!

    Loads of hugs


  • Hehehe yes i remember the just william books reckon i still got some lying around actualy!!

    Well done to matthew wooo woooo will he go back to the old bottle now as a trophey token?! :D

    I have 4 sets of 3 boxes, for the kids toys one for cars one for armies etc It makes life so much easier doesn't it!! the room can be sorted and put away from total trashed to tidy in 15 mins :D I never tidy one room for more than 15 mins at a time :rolleyes: it's a fly lady thing!

    Reckon violets primal scream is a far better solution than smoking Go grab your pillow face in deep and let rip!!!! :D

    My day is eerily quiet, the older 4 away !!

    Am chilled and happy though

    ~Buffy x x

  • OOhh I can imagine it's quiet as though you long for quiet on one hand on the other you miss the madness.

    OOpps! My two have just screamed the house down again and had a bust up. Put Matthew on the PS until he's calm enough to talk - and Jess in her room with her dolls house until she's calm down - which could take 30 minutes. No point talking to them until they are calm as they just go bokers again.

    Ho Hum. Hey as it's so quiet at yours you can put all your fav music on and boogy on down. What's your favourite type of music? I was boogying to Elvis and JXL remix of A little less conversation the other day and Matthew told me right off - said I was an embarressment - it's not Dad dancing it's Mum dancing. I said to him 'Hey the Mumster can move'.

    Once the kids are calm hopefully going to a big lake to walk around = and fall in to trying to feed the ducks - usually happens!!

    Loads of hugs


  • I love all that is funky :D hehehe my ipod playlist is currently the greatest jamiroquia hits, 25 george michael and a 60's soul mix album. I love to boogy :D hehehehe. I usualy play the music to drown the kids out :rolleyes:

    Love that 'little less conversation' remix :D

  • Infact your a genius x x

    The sun is now shining I am going to put on my soul II soul album and shimmy around the housework :D

    no more than 15 mins for each room mind :D hehehehe

  • Scrap that idea, out of over 2,000 vinyls i struggled to find the one i wanted :confused: other half keeps moving them around :mad:

    Now the sun has gone and my darling daughter has gone to sleep so have to stay hushed now :mad: so here for another 10 mins then will tackle housework :p


  • Buffy there's always singing????

    Sing a long a Buff (sounds kind of cool)xx

    Off to the lake - might not come back - I'll take my light saber in case I bump into Snout Vonbutend!


  • :rolleyes:

    You obviously not heard me sing then :p

    Have a good trapse around the lake hope it aint toooo muddy!!

    You'll all return caked in it :D hehehehe

    have fun x x

    ~Buffy x x

    p.s What an ideal location for a primal scream!!! Kids will never get over it though i guess :o

  • One day behind me kid we will stick together and we will make it xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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