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Squirt of Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice!!! I know - makes me pucker too lol! Go out and buy a plastic lemon that carries lemon juice and carry it with you for a long time while quitting. When you get that terrible urge to smoke - have a squirt of lemon juice instead. The Vitamin C and the sourness will help with the craving!

We all know how we just crave that morning cigarette! Instead: Pour yourself a glass of cold water and add some fresh squeezed lemon juice or add the lemon juice from the bottle and drink it down! This will help with the cravings and its good for you too!

I hope it works for you - worked for me most days. :D

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Great tip no smoke!!

Thanks for that x x x x

I love lemons myself and eat them or add them to water.


I like this idea! I'm going to try it. Thanks NS4M!:D


Here's hoping it can help all of you! :D


Its Working...thanks!

Yes, this lemon therapy works for a matter of fact I am addicted to lemons now (addict that I am) ...


I'm glad you found this helpful! :)


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