No Smoking Day

Its me again

Hi to all just thought i would let you know what the plan is..........:)

My life has been pure shit for the last 2 months (not going to go into this), been smoking and drinking way 2 much ie 40 - 50 smokes per day....:mad:

But i have sorted shit out and this time i have family and mates behind me:)

I am not doing the patches this time as i keep going light headed and stuff so this time is the 4mg nicorette gums.

I had my last smoke at 11:00 am this morning and its now 14:40 had 2x gums and i have to say i am feeling ok, i know its going to be a hard ride but this time i need to beat this..........

Hope everyone is ok

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Heya whiteboy x x x x

It is great to have you back on board x x x x

We are right behind you and I am very proud of your eagerness to jump straight back on the wagon x x sorry about the crappy time :( Let's hope this is the turning of a corner for you.

~Buffy x x


Hey Whiteboy, sound as if you've been having a rough time.. look forward, keep strong, we can do this. ;) Good luck.:)


Well did 7 hrs on the gum not for me that stuff bloody awfull, bought a pack of 10 benson's :mad: had 2 but i felt like my heart was going to explode?????

so i will go to bed early and go on the patches do you think i should go on the10 mg patches as i seem to get bad sides from the stonger ones ie going dizzy and light headed.......


I would try 10mg, although your smoking again it hasn't been long since you quit and i believe you can manage that, plus, you can always top up with a gum if need be. don't want to make yourself ill!!

~Buffy x x


Welcome Back Whiteboy!!!!!!

Several of us have stumbled lately, however I do belive you had fell into a pothole. Glad to se you climbed out and are back on tack! We missed you!


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