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nicotine withdrawal bad mood rant

Sorry I'm in a moaning mood. Went for 2 job interviews last week, haven't got the 1 cause, basically, I was more qualified to do the manager's job then the manager ( think it scared him a bit) and the 2nd company, was suppose to call me tonight. But they haven't. Can't believe common courtsey, doesn't exist anymore. It is just courtsey, I turned up for the interview, so why can't they call me, to say thanks but, no thanks. I feel like phoning them and letting all my bad mood out on them tomorrow. I know, I'm feeling like this is partly not smoking. Cause when, I used to feel like like this, I'd sit on the back step, with a glass of wine, 20 ciggies and after 30mins I'd feel loads better.

Sorry about the rant.

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Heya Pips x x x x

Job hunting sucks :mad: at least you are too good!

Hey theres nothing stopping you kicking back and enjoyong the vino, just nowadays you can do that inside in your pj's on the sofa watching TV!

Not sat on the wet cold step outside in your uncomfortable attire!!

Smoking will not make the boss phone you all saintly like :rolleyes: s/he is still a twitt regardless!

And you won't feel as justified if you are a smelly smoker :D hehehehe

Hang on in there and don't stop reaching for a well deserved treat at the end of the day x x x x just remember treats in moderation are very much beneficial :D smoking isn't, in any way or form! it is no treat it's a punishment.

Stay strong x x ~Buffy x x


Don't let him get to you hon, lets hope he has taken on the employee from hell and they do it all wrong, every day for a year


Hehehehe yes I like that, Great way to feel betterer :D hehehehehehe


Thanks guys.

Its their lose, my old company would have me back. But I never go backwards always forwards.


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