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Dear Nicotine...

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Dear Nicotine,

As I write this letter it is you who has been missing for the last 3 days; not I, you.

Already I am beginning to feel the benefits of you exile. My chest already feels lighter and more efficient, my body is enjoying the oxygen and my mind is much less troubled by thoughts of the havoc your are wreaking freely upon my body - internally and externally. I am moving away from your vice like grip.

I was originally apprehensive of who I would be without you and how I would cope, however, this prospect now excites me. At the moment, I still do not know who I will be, but it can't be any worse than now, can it?

I'm disappointed and angry with myself for letting you abuse my mind and my body for over half of my short life, but I've eventually gotten so mad with myself it has become your detriment. I've chosen that I'd like my short life, so far, to become one long life; MY long life.

You have never done me any favours. You never made me 'look cool' or 'more adult' as a teenager - you only served to make me look weak for being unable to refuse and walk away from you, you took advantage of my vulnerability as I was trying to find my way and figure out who I was as a child. You are a predator. Well, you are not who I am - am I getting through to you yet?

You've stolen my money, you have stolen and compromised my health, you have harmed my precious, innocent children, you have disappointed my family friends and you have repulsed the man that I love. You have taken liberties like I would allow no other.

Frankly, I'm a tad pissed off. Kindly **** off.

Thanks a bunch,


(Sorry to any who may be offended by my profanity!!)

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Emma I loved that it is all so true. I think most people will be able to relate to that.

Well done on your quit you are doing brilliant :)

yeah!! kick his ass!

man we all got screwed for so long didnt we!

yeah!! kick his ass!

man we all got screwed for so long didnt we!

So true, last few days ive been thinking about when I smoked and it is hard to believe that I would move heaven and earth to fit a fag into my life. Never again we were all tricked :(

Hi Emma

Day 3 already!!! Loved your rant.

I'm feeling incredibly grouchy - last night and today - don't know if it cause aint got no fags or because I'm loaded with the cold!!

Poor husband got an absolute ear bashing last night - he's trying to stop too. Our problem is once one us crumbles the other follows very quickly behind.

Anyway hope to see you in Day 4.:o

Loved your story Emma.


Very well said Emma, keep up the good work.


Great letter and well done on quitting. Life is better without nicotine

Hi Emma :D

I love your letter and it is so true I am sure this will help a lot on here to keep going

I also would like to know why i let nicotine rule me for so long over 50 yrs I pandered to his whims arghhhhhhhhhhh


Marg xxxxxxxx

Hello Emma,

Super letter, you are doing great so far keep up the good work!

Any craves in future just make sure you post on here before you do anything, post your frustrations & any temptation you feel. & after a few minutes you can move on with your life.

Oh & keep reading & never lose focus of your goal.

Frankly, I'm a tad pissed off.

Great letter and very much to the point :D

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