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Today is the day...and doesn't it feel great!


Today is the first day of being a NON-smoker:) :) :)

and it feels so good, like on a high. What a difference to my last attempt. I just know this is it, I will never have a cigarette again.

To help me I bought the Paul McKenna CD, Allan Carrs book and got Champix from the doctor. I finished the book and on the way to and from work I will listen to the CD.

The thing that helps me the most is listening to my favourite song really loud when walking/running to the station..what a buzz. So I know what to do if I feel a bit low on endorphins during the day.

What a great day. :D


PS. I wish I could pass this feeling on to anyone that is not having a great day.

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Anyone that reads this should get a great high, my son read Paul MacKennas book and everytime some said cigerret (cant spell) he said "I don't smoke" so his kids kept saying ciggie and he kept say the above quote and we all fell about laughing It really cheered us up and him.


xxxxx Pupalup xxxxx


I know exactly where you are coming from on how you feel today!:) :) :)

I have been on a high nearly every day because I know this time I am a non smoker and I will never have one again. It feels completly different to any other time I have stopped. It's great isn't it! I am just loving life so much!

I'm doing champix and now on week 6.

Tip for the Paul Mckenna CD - dont listen when you are driving - Ive listened to it loads of times but sub conciously. I fall asleep every time he gets to the counting bit without fail. Dont think its a good idea to be driving at the same time as sleeping!


Hi Sharkbait,

Still going strong and really happy. :D

I am using public transport to get to and from work and I did doze off listening to the CD but then I usually do anyway :)

I had a couple of moments were I was about to get my fags out of the bag but not because of withdrawal symptoms, more like the habit. And then I remembered...Thank God I'm no longer smoking.

Just went out to lunch with my colleages and they were sitting next to me smoking and it didn't bother me at all. I just felt sorry for them.

Hi Pip

Thats really great well done to you keep strong Linda xxxx

Good start Pip!!!!

What a great way to start, full of positivity and excitement!!

Stay strong and hold your head high x x

~Buffy x x

wow pip

never known someone thats felt so good on there first day. keep it up, and yes id like some of your happiness if you can bottle a bit up and send it to me! lol! im pleased your feeling good and i hope its lasts for you. well done. great positive attitude x

Welcome Pippaki,

great that u are feeling enthusiastic,

keeps us posted xxx

Well Done Pip

If you found a way, of bottling your high. You would make a fortune.:D

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