No Smoking Day

I'm Back!!!

Hi, been a while but i'm back and on Day 4 of no cigs.

Had my last cig on Friday night, even went out on Saturday for a meal and pubbing and clubbing and i still survived.

I'm little bit worried about posting as i really do not want to jinx this, but so far its been a little too easy. I'm actually scared that the cravings that i haven't had over the last few days are going to arrive all at once.

I've had no cravings, can't believe it, i've thought about cigs, usually at times when i would usually smoke, but i've just thought i don't want one, great!!

Sleep has been a little disturbed and lots of dreams but thats normal.

Almost felt myself getting the down n depressed feeling, but just refuse to let it take over, i've got nothing to be depressed about. (ooh, i passed all my exams, no more stressful studying!!!)

I'm hoping this is just my time and both my body and brain are ready to leave cigs behind.

I know not to be complacent though, the little buggers never stop trying to tempt you back to the addiction!!!

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Hi Choco

Welcome back and congrats on your exams thats fab news my daughter gets her results next monday.

SO very glad your back with us i for one have missed you day 4 already thats great keep posting to let us know how your doing Love Linda xxxx



glad ya back :D

good luck :D

day 4!! cool :p



HI Choco

Hows things going good I hope let us know Linda xxx


Now i am sure i answered yesterday but no reply is there! :( must of forgot the 'submit reply' button :p

Welcome home choco I am so glad to see you back x x x now all we need is Kazza :D

Grats on the exams! and on the saturday night out , 'smoke free!' and! on reaching day 4 x x x x

Stay strong ~Buffy x x x



Where are you your gone missing again


I'm still here, Day 6, 1 week tomorrow!!! Still can't believe it, haven't really been telling anyone or bragging about it unless they mention it.

I think i would like to try and get 2/3 weeks past before i'll feel like i'm truly succeeding. In April i managed 2 1/2 weeks, and other people i've known seem to struggle around 2 weeks. ( I always thought the first 3 days are the hardest, but i think after 2 weeks you think you've beaten it and get complacent and it sneaks back on you).

Anyway, feeling good, smelling great, breathing easy. Still having mad mad mad dreams but no worries.

Thanks for the support everyone, i'll keep you updated.:) :)


Good to see you back! Nice work on day 4. Keep up the good work. No jinx involved.



Well done Choco x xx x

Your doing great and you are armed with knowledge this time ;)

~Buffy x x


Choco Hi babe

One week to you srar stay strong love linda xxx


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