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When is the best time of day to take Champix?

Starting Champix tomorrow. Have tried patches (just left unsightly marks on my bum!), lozenges gave me hiccoughs, hynotherapy (worked until I got extremely drunk and had 'just the one') Took Zyban about a year ago and did pretty well for six months (except for feeling slightly psychotic all the time and having very bizarre dreams) but fell prey to a holiday 'social' cigarette offer in May this year and have been smoking ever since :(

Does anyone have any tips on when is the best time of day to take Champix? I hear it's best to eat something first to help with any nausea. Zyban used to keep me awake for hours if I took it within eight hours of going to bed - just hoping this doesn't happen with Champix!!

Forum looks great and am looking forward to getting some support from people going through the same stuff rather than the saintly 'ex-smoker' I live with LOL!

Good luck to everyone else!!

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Welcome to the forum, sorry I can't help you about the champix, someone will be along shortly who can....just wanted to wish you luck, you sound very positive :)



:) well done on deciding to quit and welcome.

I take my champix when I get up as soon as I have had some breakfast, whatever time I get up and then usually 12 hrs later approx. I work shifts so when i am on nights i cant take it at say 9 in the morning as i am asleep.

It has worked ok for me so far.

good luck and come back here for support if you need it, they are all great on here. :)

Befly x x


Thank you Befly!

Just took the first one about an hour ago - after a twix and a glass of wine!!

Will keep you posted!

:D :D :D :D


omg....i just posted a long post to sweet on the champix and now i can't find it posted you think I am having a blonde moment and posted it to someone else????? After today I wouldn't doubt it. BOUDEE...don't you dare laugh!!!!




thought I would let you know my dealings with timing of taking Champix.

I HATE taking the morning pill because that is the one that makes me feel really ill. This morning I actually had my head in the bin at work because I felt that sick, but after about 30 mins it passes and I feel great! I'm not a morning eater so that probably doesn't help although the nurse told me to take it with a glass of milk to have something lining my stomach.

The evening pill I find is not a problem, although I would recommend not to take it too late as I have had some crazy dreams since taking it. I found that if I take it mid-evening not too soon before I go to bed I actually have a nice night sleep, so it is a bonus for me for a change!

I am hoping the sickness will subside, I am on week 3 and I must admit it is getting better. I think the timing is the key though!

Christof. :cool:

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Ouch thats horrendous!

Please do force down a little something before the pill! banana? slice of toast?

Also again try the pill split idea, it is awfull that it's that bad x x x x

'Justintime' is a champix user and his first time round was bad, he has just started again hopefully he can advise you too.

~Buffy x x


Thank You For the Tips!

On day 4 - two a day now and felt pretty nauseous last night for about 30 mins, not too bad this morning and tonight. Hopefully getting used to it!

Three more days to go before quit day and am still waiting for the effects to kick in - ciggies still tasting good :D

Will keep you posted!


Normally i eat mid morning but on champix i wake up and take it with beans on toast.


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