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Day 8, Sort of!!


Stopped last Monday the 30th July, I suppose this is day 8 but had a little slip up at the weekend, drinking and giving up don't go together. Does this mean I have to go back to day 1 (AGAIN:mad: )or can I get away with it??:rolleyes:

I just can't do weekends, but I'll carry on, determined to quit this time!

Its a horrible habit, but it does get me questioning myself whether I really want to quit when I keep giving in to it.

Any helpful tips anyone??:confused:

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Hi Dobsy, how big a slip? If just a few while out then just chalk it up to experience, learn the lesson, move on and you don't have to go back to day 1....You know the pitfalls now and will be much more guarded in future, it's all a learning curve after all

Dobsy, well done for getting this far. A lot of ppl slip up. But we all learn from our experiences.

My advice to you, by all means go out, but try a few weekends, on the non-alcoholic stuff. If your going cold turkey try taking some Nicotine gum or lozenges out with you.

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