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No Smoking Day
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Constant cough


Firstly, congrats to everyone else who is into month two :thumb:

I've always thought I would never be able to quit as I enjoyed it far too much, but I've completely surprised myself (and my family) and have found it relatively easy to stop. Admittedly, the smoking ban gave me a huge boost and incentive but it also gave me a date to build towards and stop on.

Unfortunately, I've been having major problems since with coughing...

When I was smoking, first thing in the morning, I would have a little cough and get some phlegm up which actually felt quite good in a weird kinda way; then that was it until the following morning. Now though, I'm coughing on and off most of the day but it's really dry and nothing comes up. I've even made my self sick through coughing where I've been straining so hard to clear my lungs to no avail.

I can understand that my body now has to clear all the crap that I've been pumping into it for the last 22 years, but I never expected it to be this rough!

What with this and putting on 6 kilos in weight in the last 5 weeks, I'm starting to think that maybe it wasn't such a good idea afterall - Okay, I'm still glad I gave up, but this is putting a damper on that thought.

Is it just me, or is this to be expected?

I guess I should go and see my doc really, but I thought I'd ask here first and see what others at my stage of giving up have found.

Thanks in advance...



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Hi Mark

The coughing is a thing we are have on and off for a time try some cough mixture it do help a bit or honey. The weight thing you can sort later dont worry to much just cope with one thing at a time and good luck. Linda xx


Hi Mark i had the same issue as you, still do some times, when i asked my quit nurse about it she said, the hair follicles at the back of your throat right down to your lungs were coated in Flem,tar etc basically crap and they were flattened down and broken off, now they are begining to heal, and like when you cut yourself when the scab appears the cut is itchy, so is your throat, i find lockets good, hope it clears up for you soon, but if you are really worried go and see your doctor, maybe they can reassure you.



I must be lucky my cough went after a couple of days.

If i was coughing on or off for 2 months i would see the GP.

I don't see there being to much of a problem though as you have put weight on :)

Stay with the quit i felt bad about my self in general till about 4 months then things really looked up.

To be honest i never substitute food for fags more like exercise for fags.

I think all you do is move the problem but thats just my opinion.

Hey a little weight is better than smoking :D

all the best



Yep I've had the bad cough. I'd say honey based cough medicine is probably the best remedy.


Hi Andy

Nice to see you can see your doing great go man go

Love Linda xxx


thanks Linda your doing well also :D


Wow, thanks for the replies and great words of encouragement :D

I knew it was a good idea to enroll here :cool:

I was waiting for an email to say someone had replied to the thread, that obviously doesn't work as default on this forum and it was turned off - never mind, I thought I'd check for replies anyway, glad I did!

Yeah, a bit of extra weight isn't a problem, that can be sorted later, I've already bought a bike and have started going out on that daily. That won't help the weight much, but it's great cardio workout which will help when I attempt to tackle the spare tire later on :eek:

The big thing for me is the asthma which seems to be considerably easier to trigger now than it was when I was smoking. I'll try some honey/cough mixture etc and see how that goes, heck, I might even pluck up courage and go and see the quack :lol:

For now though, the ventolin inhaler I have seems to be helping me continue to breath when it gets bad...

It makes sence about the little hairs etc though, I never gave that a thought, they've been plastered in 40 lots of crap each day for twenty odd years, it's going to take a while to shake it all off!

Thanks again for the replies and encouragement.




Win2, its funny you seem to have quite a prob with cough and about your asthma my hubby seems to be having same problem, he is just going to start week 5 with me, and this weekend has been a nightmare for him, thought he was going to start again, but thankfully he didn't. Good luck and stay strong.

xxxxx Pupalup xxxxxx:D


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