The day after

Well i finally had my first night out! and i must admit i was sooo drunk, it felt so good, finally going out and socializing, was i tempted you may ask, not even once, one of my friends who quit about a year ago had a few puffs i said to her what you doing, you don't wont to start that again, and lucky for her she listened, well i just thought i'd share that with you.


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  • Lol look at you! nice one x x x x well done!!

    And you pulled rank on a longer non smoking non smoker than yourself!! you go girl :p

    So nice to find out you can carry on as before x x x x nothings changed :) you just smell better x x

    ~Buffy x x

  • Thats amazing, I wish I felt like that, but after my drunken lapse last week I know that I am not strong enough yet to go out and not have one, hopefully my time will come soon, but well done, you go girl coz that is fantastic.

    Now you know you can handle it you can paint that town red! :D


  • Lol i tell you it was funny cos, my boyfriend and his friend spent most of there time outside in the rain puffing away missing most of the conversations


  • Nice work Caroline! You should be very proud of yourself. Had to feel good knowing you weren't out there in the rain! Keep up the good work!


  • I know and do you know what, all they said was, god it stinks in here since they banned smoking! how do they think i felt, i have my sense of smell back:D


  • Well done Caroline, its 1 of the biggest hurdles to get over and you did it.

    The sense of smell thing is a funny 1. I found I hate my favourite perfume and I was wearing far to much.

  • lol Its great to have your taste/smell back but i don't like half the food i used to:confused:


  • I know what you mean, I used to love, Vodka and Redbull. Now I can't stand the taste of Redbull. Far too sweet.:mad:

  • Hi Boudee

    Thats brill!! well done, its not that hard is it, well im on my last patch tomorrow, was going to leave it, but then thought if its lying around i might keep thinking about it, when its gone, well then its gone lol


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