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Aaarghhhh - Back after 7 days free

So - I went out for a couple of beers yesterday and this was my achilles heel. After 3 pints the urge to smoke was too much for me.

I thought OK i'll have just one and then ended up buying a pack of 10.

I smoked 2 from the pack - and disgusted with myself, threw the rest in the bin. Back to day 1, but day 1 is complete.

Tomorrow i'm back to work so this will take more focus than the last week


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They go together tooo well. i wouldnt dare go near alcohol, not tll im several weeks smokefree at least. well done for starting your quit again,



Well done LM for getting straight back on your quit:) And well done for throwing the cigarettes away, that is impressive and shows your commitment to your quit. If I bought a pack of ten I am sure I would smoke the lot and then throw a tantrum:rolleyes:

Hope today is a good day for you,



Thanks guys - after 2 weeks off work, 300 emails and a pile of work I almost broke twice... but made it through the day.

It's amazing how the triggers work. Automatically around 10.30 I fealt I was missing out as I was not smoking.

Very pleased to have made it though :D


The beer and a night out is a really tough one to get over. Hope you get there this time


Good on you for getting back on the horse. I did exactly the same thing 9 days into my quit. Actually I smoked the whole packet of 10 and bought a pack of 20 :o. I woke up the next day feeling as though someone had tipped an ashtray into my mouth!!! The remaining cigs all went in the bin of course, after a thorough soaking in water and I carried on with my quit - and haven't relapsed again. :) Those 7 smoke free days weren't wasted. They are 7 days less of cigarettes, plus you will have started to break the smoking associations.


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