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...and after Day 1, there was DAY 2!

AAArrrgh, never thought I would even be here to say "I did a Day 1 without smoking". Yaaay, and now I'm on Day Two only because of the massive encouragement from you guys. (Why didn't I think of this before?).

Well, thanks for the advice re chocolate (see Day 1 thread) and the temptations to go back on the smoke are rampant. Irritating work colleague seems to equal = have a fag and you'll feel! Popped outside at lunch hour and suddenly I notice that every other person is smoking?! Delusions of withdrawal, I suspect.

I must admit, I feel so close, (a wafer-thin mint's breadth away) from capitulating, but on the other hand, I don't really want lung disease or cancer, or to look 70 before my time......

I must face my demonicotines!!!

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Well done BadgePup :)

Keep it up.

Remember: the only stress a cigarette temporarily relieves is the stress of wanting a cigarette......apart from that, it serves no purpose.


Dig in now Badgepup, you don't want to do day 1 again. Great determination, Steve's spot on too, cigarettes only feed off each other, they solve nothing.

Keep posting! ;)


Now doesn't that feel good, well done:)

Just keep posting and reading :)

On your way you can do this

Look forward to seeing your progress


Wow, thanks guys. What you say makes so much 'sense'! Especially the fact that the only relief I'll get from a puff is not the 'actual' stress that I think I want to relieve but from the craving that simply wants to get me back on the sticks anyhoo!

The idea of a life free from the daily addiction of puffing my lungs, seems extraordinary, but you guys have done it and I want to join your ranks!:):):)

OK, it's not my bedtime for a bit (!) but it's dawning on me that I'll be making a clear Day 2 - 48 HOURS - without obeying the compulsion. Anyone know that song, I believe in Miracles, by Hot Chocolate?!!


Yep...and you're performing a little miracle now, BadgePup :)

Your body certainly thinks so. Your mind will catch up soon enough, too!



How's you this morning?

Have another great quit day, doing great:)


Morning Badge,

We're here to provide any support you need for Day Three.

My advice (for what it is worth) is try not to think about the long term. Just concentrate on the day and let tomorrow take care of itself. It's amazing how soon you realise you can count in weeks (and then months).

Hope the day goes really well for you. :)


Thanks soooooooooo much guys....I've put a post on (wait for it.....) DAY THREE!!!!!!


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