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Good Evening Everybody


hello peeps,

feeling fine, except a bit of a sensitive head after knocking it on my toilet sink last night. (lol i wasnt even drunk) i went white as a sheat and wandered around the house not knowing what to do for about 10 minutes. usually in a situation like that i would make myself a cuppa and have a cigarette. (NOT THAT IT HELPS OF COURSE) but when that is no longer an option you kind of feel a bit lost. my husband made an interesting comment today, he said that if the goverment suddenly claimed that they had made a big mistake with the health claims on cigarettes and in fact there is no knowledge or evidence to suggest they bad for you in anyway at all, he would still not smoke. he said he just wouldnt have the want anymore to light up, him and cigarettes are deffinitly finished, no interest in them what so ever! ooh i wish and hope and prayer that one day i will feel that way! because although i am now on 35 days and not had a single puff i would be straight down the shops for a packet of ciggs if someone said they didnt cause health problems or if they invented ones that didnt. :eek: thats terrible isnt it really because they still make you stink and use up so much of your money, how would everyone else answer that ??? is it just the health issues with smoking (i wont put threats because there serious and there real) that stop you from lighting up another cigg or is it the whole thing of smoking that stops you (health money smell dislike of being an addict, a slave to something ?)

my hubbie just made me think a lot about it earlier when he mentioned that, i just was so proud of him that he can now feel that way! i think its great, it seems like an impossible thought for me right now but im sure i will one day feel that way, i have spoken to people 2 3 even more years down the line of quitting and they said that although they dont crave or find it at all difficult not smoking anymore there are still times they would like to beable to enjoy a cig but dont because they know you cant just enjoy a cig without risking the dependency coming back again, i think it must be the amount of long and short term quits my hubbie had before he quit for good over the past few years that has brought him to this stage quite early on. he has plenty of experience of what its like to quit and then restart again even 2 years on at one stage and i think being so aware of what and how you feel when you do that, both emotionally and health wise he certainly knows what side the grass is greener (or should i say the lungs are cleaner) lol sorry :p .

is anyone else at that stage yet on here where they already feel they can honestly say "i dont smoke because i dont want to" rather then "i dont smoke because i cant, im giving up". sorry post is so long and ive gone on and on (probably that bump on the head lol) ill write off now before i send you all to sleep haha. hope your all doing well x

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Hi destiny, I am on day 35 also, and Im afraid I am also in the same boat as you in that if I were told that cigarettes did you no harm I would be off down the off

license for 20 fags quicker than you could blink.

It will be nice to get to the point your husbands at but until then we just have to put up with this feeling and remember that the day will come for all of us when we no longer fancy that ciggy. (I cant wait!)

Charlene :)

If I take after my mother who has been smoke free 2 1/2 years it will take that long. She said she doesn't think about them hardly at all but there are times in certain situations she would think a cigarette would be nice.

I think the one that will never go away is the one after sex. Remember I am a newlywed so I am having a lot of those thoughts lately!! woohoo....??? I think that is for all the sex.....hehehehe (that is dying back down, we have lived together 8 years so I guess it is just a phase) hahahaha


Well Cindy now I know why your missing a lot HEHE Bet your lucky man thinks his boat has come in LOL. Keep it up the quiting I mean HEHEHEHE Linda xxx

Hi Destiny

A few weeks ago back in april. My partner, my sons girlfriend and myself were talking about quiting and I was saying that I couldnt stop thinking about it (smoking) all day. They were both quiting and both said they dont think about it and will never smoke again. I felt a bit deflated but now August they are BOTH back smoking and glad to say I am not. So maybe if you think you have cracked it to soon you will be off your gaurd one thing they didnt have that we got is this site WE WILL DO IT TOGETHER Love Linda xxx

Yea agree boudee

A few months ago my granddaughter hurt her foot when I had her so needed to take her to hospital it was lovely to give her my full attention not worry cos I needed a fix

thanks for all the replies

good on you boudee for actually seeing the fact that we were all slaves to that silly little white stick and having that as a highly prioritized reason for not smoking. guess thats the difference between me and my hubbie cos although i like to feel i have control of my own life i still am a little placid and pessimistic in character where as he is optimistic and head strong and really hates the idea of anything or anyone telling him what he should or should not do, so the ciggs dont stand much chance against him. i am enjoying having more control over my days now though.

congratulations cindy , just think how many ciggies your saving your lungs from, by the sounds of it you may of doubled your intake lol:D

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