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where do I go?


Hi everyone, just a question, but I should of entered month two by now, but as most of you know I had a lapse on saturday where I shared three cigarettes with my hubby, so do I go back, stay here on week three or can I graduate to the next room?, I feel a bit of a hypocrite saying Ive been quit over a month when I have smoked.

oooooooo dear........ :confused:


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I think you should move up. It was only a lapse. Its not like you've been smoking since you little lapse.

hehehe youre right Im moving on up tomorow then party people! :D

You're quite welcome in here with us Charlene:)

Main thing is you are back on track.:D

Keep it up! :)

sorry boudee hubby was nagging like the fishwife that he is, "can you not come off there and talk to me pleeeaassee? " what could I do the little love? :rolleyes:

Cheers dave and allyson, if Im not cramping anyones style I will chill with you guys for a while, Im a very tidy house guest I promise. :D


I Can't Hear You!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Charlene forget the blip and come up and join us on month2 i have just gone up to month2 myself, come and join us, come and join us, come and join us up here.

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