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No Smoking Day
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I am going to do this

hi i joined last week i got up this morning and i have gone with out a cig until about 2.30 and i just gave in and had one i felt light headed after i was upset with myself for giving in i suffer from panic attacks and anxiety i am sure i would feel better if i stopped smoking also i have not had any alcohol for 7 days i wanted to give both of them up i am really going to have to try harder i am going to come on this site more often to read how you are all doing marg

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Dont Give Up

Hi Marg, first of all please dont beat yourself up over a few fags.....I can imagine that for most of us on this site it is not our first attempt to give up the fags so your not alone.

Secondly are you using any patches or anything...I've found them a great help and I got them prescribed by doctor, so not as expensive as buying them from shop.

Even though you havnt given up fags I would be positive if I were you, after all you did do without them for a spell and most of all you are now admitting to us all and yourself that you want to give them up, which will happen eventually.

Well done for getting as far as you did.....its not as easy as non smokers think. Regards and luck


marg, the Manchester Stop Smoking Service number is: 0161 205 5998

If you give them a call they can help with advice and support. They'll have loads of advice and you can even make a (free) appointment to go and talk to someone that can give you a plan on how best to go about it.

Geordietrucker is right, it isn't easy but you are not alone, pick up the phone!

Best of luck!


Hi Marg

I too used to have anxiety attacks and panic attacks, but they have gone since I packed up smoking. Sometimes the first fag of the day would make me keel over literally and I used to panic like hell driving- so much so had to pull over and open all the windows. Still not 100% with that, but its better as my brain is learning to cope with oxygen. Give it a go, and no worries if u have a slip up now and again, we all do.

Folk will help u out on here, they have me.

Been over a fortnight now for me, with 2 relapses, but am def on the right track now. Have patches and an inhalator for dodgy times.




thanks for your replys i am happy to hear from some one who has had panic attacks and has give up smoking and has felt better i have often wondered how it would make me feel because some times when i have gone without smoking for a while and i didn't know if its because i feel panicy or withdrawal from not smoking iam going to try tomorrow and see how it goes i don't take any medication for my panic attacks i don't go out for weeks sometimes because of them marg


I take some tabs for panic attacks- I'll check at home tonight and see what they are- but when was smoking I still had them, especially early morning. Believe me its so much better without the fags, I can breathe really well. The cravings are less and less and if I can do it, anybody can.

Give it a try.



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