PMT and GUS is not a good combination!!

Hi all

firstly i try not to be too negative normally but i feel i need a bit of a rant and hopefully receive some TLC. I understand that sometimes you dont want to listen/read people moaning, so for those of you that are feeling that way please dont read on ( i will totally understand)

I am at day 30, and still feeling like 'i want something'. there is no way i am gonna have a cig, but ohhhh i wish this feeling would go away!!!!!!

I have pmt at the mo, so really shit anyway, i didnt get up the hill without stopping, so that put me in a bad mood as well, lozengers just aint doing it today aaaagggghhhhh !!!!!

this feeling reminds me of when u start a new project eg. decorate a room or build an extension, and u get to the point of ' i wish i hadnt started this now'

but of course i will finish this project if it kills me!!!

anyway thats me done for now ..... take care all xxxx

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  • Hey Sandie, I Know exactly what you mean...all I can say is wait a day or two;)

  • ahhh thanks meagain, i feel better already just getting it down xx

  • You poor thing! I know just how you feel and its rotten hun, i know.

    When I get like that I get a good book or magazine, run a nice bath with loads of yummy bubbly stuff in, get my supplies (thats chocolate, a drink, and any other food I fancy) and just relax.

    I really pamper myself by totally de-hairing the fuzz on legs, eyebrows etc, exfoliate my skin and whatnot you get the picture, and then I when I get out I feel really clean and relaxed and I slouch on the sofa and watch a good film.

    Then I get a really good nights sleep so I feel more refreshed.

    Just a suggestion, but it works wonders for me.

    Stay strong, and I hope you feel better soon, we all have our bad days so dont worry about it.

    Charlene :)

  • thanks charlene, ur a babe xx

  • Ah thanks boudee,

    This is when this forum really helps xxx

    Ps, im not leavin ya hun x

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