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What is that gunk?

Just a question for anyone that knows but I have started coughing up some discusting looking gunk and I wondered basically what the heck is it?

I mean I know the lungs are clearing out, but what is in the gunk coz its brown, and does it mean that Ive had something bad going on in my lungs if its that brown?

Thanks to anyone that can offer any info.

Charlene. :)

(sorry to start such a discusting thread, but I would like to know, my apologies to you all.)

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Sorry the thread smiley should be :confused: .


Hi Charlene!

Ooh senior member now! :D

That gunk probably will be brown as it all the tar and crap that has been building up in your lungs.

For some reason I haven't been coughing up anything yet. I've noticed that I've felt wheezy since I quit. Dunno what thats about! Should be the other way round.


I know I think that we should of at least recieved a certificate in the post dont you, hehe :)

Its kinda scarey to see the evidence of what has happened to your lungs and it worrying me a bit I must admit.

This is my third serious attempt barney and the time before last I quit for 3 months and the other time for two weeks and I also didnt have anything like this, but yet I am now, (thats also why I find it worrying in case its something bad, because it didnt happen the other times).

It is truly werid about ur wheezing, jeez this quitting lark is confusing?!? :confused:

Maybe this is just our bodies recovering from the shock of no fags and is nothing to worry about, quitting cant surely do us anything but good, even if it sometimes doesnt feel like it. :rolleyes:

Stay strong barney.

Charlene :) .


good to see you boudee

BOUDEE!!! It feels like I havent seen you on here in ages, or it might be that we are coming on at different times.

Good to hear from you though, hope you are managing to stay smoke free during this challenging time otherwise known as the summer holidays.

In my house its like having three children instead of two with the husband as well.

Roll on september, no really not joking, PLEASE roll on September. :p



6 weeks hols


spare a thought for some of us who are at home for the 6 weeks, can come and go as we please, and get paid for it! and of course loving every minute of it xxxx


I'm having the same problem with coughing and normally starts in the evening, then keeps me up all night. It really nasty whats appearing. But better out then in, as my old gran used to say.


You can go off people you know sandie, :p lol.

Boudee ur right I cant beat that kind of stress factor, if hes that bad then I really feel for u hun.

Tell u what, they should have the kids for a few days whilst we should go to a spa or something, like mums on strike! yeh!!! :p

what?? I can dream cant I?? :D

Hey pipple, mine comes when ive been up a few hours, but its good to know Im not the only one, it really was starting to bother me.

Charlene. :)


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