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Throat and 'over breathing' problems

I'm not quite sure how to put this, but has anybody else had problems with like, swallowing? ie. Over the past 10 days I've found increasingly that when I drink something, it goes down the wrong way, or, when I swallow (like you do every few minutes anyway) that that too is going 'wrong'. I end up coughing and choking, going red with watering eyes and then try to explain to people that it's because I've given up smoking!!!

Then, too, at night when I go to bed and at times during the day, I've found that I want to take ever increasing deeper and deeper breaths of air, until it feels as if my lungs want to burst. (And, no, there is no 'other' reason why I should be wanting to take deeper and deeper breaths). I have a theory though. Maybe, now that my lungs are not so congested with all that rubbish, that they're like saying, 'hey this is good - we can now get loads of this fresh air stuff' (not that lungs themselves can talk, but you know what I mean.....) and I just keep on taking in more and more of it now that I can.

Previously, my wife used to complain about my snoring, and I don't want her now going and telling everybody that I've developed heavy breathing in bed, as well!!!

Maybe there's a Dr. on the board who can cast some light on these afflictions?

Ps. fyi, I'm on the inhalators and nasal spray - just in case you've missed that overfed morsel of information.

I'm managing to get to grips with both problems by :-

a) Being really careful when I drink or think of things like vinegar.

b) Going for brisk walks so that I can let my lungs deflate and also so that I can roll my eyes at the prisoners walking the streets of shame (ie. People no longer allowed to smoke indoors).

But, I still get caught out and I'd like to know if I'm not going to be like this forever.

Any help gladly received.

Pete :D

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