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Day 27


Good Morning from Sunny Wiltshire

How is everyone today, still smoke free.

Well another day gone on day27 today still keep pinching myself because i cant beleive that i havent smoked for 4 weeks and i feel so much better for not smoking. Managed to get to the gym again this morning did weights today and feel much better now going to try and make it everday to gym.

When i got divorced i made a promise to myself that i would

1. Lose some weight

2.Get fit

3.Try and save some money

4.Stop Smoking

5. Find a nice lady

well so far in 10 months weight has gone from 113kg to 99.5kg (gone up to 103kg since stopping smoking)

2.i am a lot fitter now than i was and even more so since stopping smoking

3. Failed miserably never mind

4.Getting there day27 today

5.Sod the nice lady, at the moment as long as she is still breathing, i am not fussy.:rolleyes:. Mind you with the wind problems that i am suffering with and the fact that i am so tired, iam probably not going to get any dates anytime soon.:(

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Good morning from another part of suny wiltshire hope all well, not sure what day I am on at moment, had a bad day yesterday, (didn;t smoke but could have done) had a tooth out and felt like c...p. Still loads better today, had a real good laught with hubby and son last night about this forum and telling them some of the stories that people tell and the giggles we have, the coffee mornings, biscuits etc. Have a great day all.

xxx Pupalup xxxx;) :D


Thanks yes there are some lovely ladies on here, just what i am looking for, a lady that farts, eats like a pig and kills their nearest and dearest(bloody PMT):rolleyes:


I hope today is better for you glad to hear that you survived without smoking well done. how is your mouth today, i hate the dentist i have to travel 75miles each way to my dentist so its a day out when i go

Andy lots better ta, like you have to travel to dentish, it then takes 45 mins to get to work, a nice slow drive he he.

xxx Pupalup xxx;)

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