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New to site - Day 27 smoke free


Hey all

I'm smoke free rather than having quit or being a non-smoker as I am not sure that I will ever be able to see myself as either. I dream about smoking and my husband is still smoking and I find that hard but I'm coping with all that... Ironically the thing that is keeping me not smoking is the fact that I feel so unwell and I never want to have to do this again...

I'm not sure I'd say being addicted to the nicotine was the thing I found hardest but the habit was and is a HUGE issue but the biggest thing is this non-stop head cold, I can't breathe through my nose, which has caused my throat to hurt and my ears are killing me... this has been going on for 3 weeks, went to the doctor and I have sinusitis. I've read online that it can be a consequence of stopping smoking.

I'm very proud of myself, 1st time i've ever tried to stop (I always loved smoking) and didn't think I could do it... I don't think anyone else did either but this illness is making me miserable :( Can anyone help? Anyone been through the same thing? Anyone have any hints and tips?

Thanks muchly xx

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Hi Nicole. I quit 1 day after you on June 13th, still hanging in there as well.

'fraid I have n't got any specific hints or tips re your unpleasant illness, but the good news is, someone on here will have. This place is full of really helpfull and supportive peole.

I'll just say you are doing brilliantly and dont give up giving up!

All the best,


Sorry Nicole, I can't help you either. I'm 2 days in front of you. Someone will surely have had the same symptoms and be able to give you advice. Hang in there, it will be worth it in the end.

Hi Esso and Una... well done us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are superstars!!!!!

We can do it we just have to keep on keeping on!

I would say that a really good tool I've found (only good if you like technology) is a stop smoking tracker, it's a mobile phone app that shows you exactly how long you've been smoke free, how many cigarettes you've avoided and how much money you've saved... this has allowed to feel much better about buying shoes!!!!!!!!! :o:p:o

I keep my own spreadsheet tracking that sort of thing and update it every morning. I open it up and gaze at it frequently during the day when I need a bit of inspiration. Or drop in here and read a few posts.

This quitting lark is tough but you just know it makes sense.

I don't have a tracker but I'll have a look for one. I have a great little Stop Smoking app on my ipad. I play it every night when I turn out the light and I'm asleep before it ends. I'm sure that's what stops me from ever wanting to smoke.

My husband is still smoking too :(

I thought would harder to quit when he's still smoking but he goes outside, and as he smells horrible when he comes back in, that makes it easier for me :)

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