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No Smoking Day
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waahey no gum!

I was well pleased today as I was on a horrible unit at work which every1 in the place hates and I actually forgot to have my gum! this has never happened b4, and even when I remembered I still feel as though I could take it or leave it.:D

I know that I will continue to have bad and even worse days coz thats just the way it is but at last I can see a light at the end of the tunne.

Any1 thinking of giving in please dont coz I can now vouch that things will start and get better and better, weather the bad and recieve the great.:)

things WILL improve!

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Well Done Charlene!!

It is so nice when you see that flicker at the other end! :D

With the ups it's easier to tolerate the downs.

Keep it up and count up those savings for your splurge :D ~Buffy x x


Cheers buff, Ive no qualms that I will be on this forum ranting, raving and craving again, but its great to know that the feeling doesnt last forever!:D


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