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Having a rough time with my teeth and gums. Making an appointment to see my dentist asap. My gums are bleeding badly and really swollen. The dentist told me I have bone loss due to the smoking and I should stop, now i have stopped the problem seems like it is getting worse. I really don't want to loose my teeth but think it may be too late, which makes me feel sad. I don't want to smoke anymore I hated smoking, it made me feel like crap in the morning's. I don't to go back to the way I was. Smoking for me was a habit and I smoked more when I was bored.  Four weeks on the patches now. I'm surprised I have got this far. Just hope I can put up with the bleeding gums and see my dentist soon. 

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  • well done for managing 4 weeks.

    I feel your pain and stress about your gums and teeth.

    I have been using corsodyl toothpaste with a soft brush. then interdental brushes and corsodyl mouthwash.

    hope things become easier for you. You have done brilliantly :-)

  • Thanks Firecrow. It is very stressful having the bleeding gums and had a rough day. Just seems like quitting is doing more harm than good but trying my best to persevere. Thanks for the advice will try the corsodly toothpaste hopefully it helps. 

  • Morning Naomi, above post was like reading my thoughts and feelings at 4 weeks of my quit, I thought when I quit that I would be as fit as a fiddle and feeling great immediately, but that is not how it works, it takes a gradual period of time for our body to heal and it will heal, we just have to be patient, it will be so worth it....

  • Thanks Roisin. I know it will be worth it. Been to see my dentist and she said things the bleeding should stop in a few months, she also said my gums are looking alot healthier more pink now. Seeing the hygienist for a proper clean in a few weeks and hopefully by then the bleeding should have stopped a bit by then. I'm even more determined to not smoke again as I have not been enjoying it and the good news is since I have stopped is that my gums are looking healthier and I don't have an infection, I know if I had carried on smoking, I would have probably took an infection again. Just need to stay focused and keep up with my brushing and using interdental brushes. 

  • Good to hear Naomi, keep up the positivity!

  • Sorry to hear you're having a hard time Naomi and hope the dentist manages to sort it out for you.

    Best wishes.

  • Thanks for your kind words Nozmo. I hope so too. Will keep you all updated. 

  • Hey Naomi, have heard of this complaint quite a lot on here of problems with bleeding gums and issues with teeth, not sure why it happens, think it may be due to the blood circulation getting back to normal when we quit but it is actually quite bizarre for me, prior to me quitting I suffered big time with my wisdom teeth, I was eating painkillers and literally smoking like train with the pain but as soon as I quit, no problems at all??  

    Try not to worry, I think think things will settle down and I am sure your dentist will reassure you.   You are doing great Naomi, things will get better, everyone seems to have an aliment when they quit, for me it was my ears, always suffered with them but was very bad since I quit, have settled down now...

    Keep us updated and sending you a big cuddly hug!

  • Thanks for the support Roisin. It is an ongoing problem with my teeth and gums. The dentist fitting me in today, think I might need antibiotic. Will keep you updated. Take care x

  • Hi Naomi.....Sorry to read about your suffering...But it is part of the "Wrath of the Nicodemon" Surely your dentist will have a good answer....I also had a slight gum problem after quit but was resolved with Cordasol mouth wash and after a "Painful" visit to the mouth Hygienist ... Stay strong It does get better...!!

  • Thanks Hercu. 

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