Bleeding Gums

I know this will have been covered before, but I thought I would share the information I was given on my dentist visit today.

Since quitting smoking I've had bleeding and sore gums. I spoke to my dentist and hygienist about this and they assured me that it is all quite normal. They advised when stopping smoking Gums can get worse before they get better.

The hygenist says she's hopefully given me a good start with a good clean, and to make sure any areas that are bleeding are given an extra good scrub - both tooth and gum! I have been advised that this won't last too long but can take a good couple of months before everything is pink and not bleeding again!

They did also tell me that they had known people that had stopped smoking, start smoking again to stop their gums bleeding :eek:

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  • Wow doing well !! you are a month behind me and doing well. I have notice bleeding gums, and guess I didn't link the two but it would make sense. I hear some people get terrible mouth sores and ulcers. Perhaps it is the poisons or toxins working their way out as the body heals. I found rinsing with baking soda and warm water helps. Best of luck -keep going - a little blood on the toothbrush is better than blood (or worse) on the lungs. xx

  • I found mine have just started to do this at day 7 or so. They hurt a little bit but the bleeding is there :( terrible side effect but id rather have this than put another smoke in my mouth.

    Glad to know this is normal though because I was starting to worry !

  • I had my first dental appointment after quitting and the dentist said that it can take a couple of months for everything to settle down properly, after all, we've deprived the tissue for so long it's going to take a while to repair the damage done by lack of blood flow. He also said that as smokers have reduced blood flow the first sign they get that there is a problem with their teeth is when one falls out :eek:

  • Another tip from my dentist

    Yes it would seem the norm, but when I had my teeth cleaned, he said not to rinse out after brushing to allow the ingredients to keep Woking, and it's helped me, :cool:

  • Hmmm, do you floss and listerine first, then brush? and do you gag - I would, I use that baking soda stuff and I can't wait to rinse it out :p

  • ive got this bad!!...started two weeks after giving up!....seeing the dentist on thursday, really worried, teeth n gums are allways good...not happy right now!

  • ive got this bad!!...started two weeks after giving up!....seeing the dentist on thursday, really worried, teeth n gums are allways good...not happy right now!

    Hi Dell Boy, this is a really common problem, if you look back over previous threads you'll see so many of us have suffered from this early on into our quits, it will get better but you have to give your body time to start healing itself. The dentist will reassure you ;)

  • thanks for the replies,..was getting really quite worried!

  • Dell Boy,

    It happened to me too... It is worrying but it is a good sign, like the rest of your body, everything is starting to come back to life ! Good luck. Hope you get a good clean and scour. Your mouth will feel amazing after. :)

  • well,...good news ..bad news..!!

    ive got quite a bad gum disease! is treatable,..and i wont lose my lovely teeth!...never had issues with my teeth,..EVER!

    the dentist said that its only come to light because ive gave up the fags!...blood pressure being better etc

    he also said,..if i hadnt had given up,..i would have lost most of my bottom teeth without even realising it,..until it was too late!!!...and all that would have happened very soon!....he said smokers dont get the signs until its too late

    how lucky and happy do i feel now!!....another reason to boot the weed

  • Wow! Scary and good!!!

    For the last three visits to my dentist he had said that because I smoke he could see receding gums that it was very common, but still did not make me give up, as unlike you, I was forewarned and completely aware of what might have happened, but it is a very scary thought.

    I have a visit next week and cannot wait for a clean and praise :p

  • its horrible,..but i am relieved

    how long have you been off the smokes marta?

  • Hi, one month yesterday, but I can already see a big difference, weird as it sounds, love seeing blood when I clean my teeth!!:D

  • well done! at 7 weeks now! a bit peeded off about my gums,...but after realising the truth,..ive been lucky

  • Two weeks behind you, it is amazing about the gums, but you are right, a lucky escape and something to remember when a craving hits.

  • Hi,

    Asking question for my hubby: how long does it last for bleeding gums. He stopped in fev and still have the problem.


    I am curious about this as well. Last time I went to dentist (around 6 months ago) she said I didn't bleed at all and that it was a good thing. Since I stopped smoking I bleed every time I use my (soft) toothbrush :confused::confused::confused:

  • Update!

    Visited my dentist 2 days ago for bi-annual cleaning. I haven't bled since then! So it's all good now :) Soft toothbrush, daily flossing and regular cleaning. That's it for me!

  • So pleased Kacmins :)

  • I am 3 months into the quit my gums are still bleeding but I only noticed it recent last Cpl weeks x

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